Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Capital City Speedway Poster

We are pleased to present to you the first look of our new poster for 2011. The poster was designed by Greg Calnan from Image Factor. Greg designed our new website as well. I saw the new website today  and there are only six words to describe it. Love it, Love it, Love it. I hope you are as happy with it as I am. It will be unveiled this time next week, so stay tuned.

New Race Rules for 2011

If you were at our general Meeting on the 22nd of January you heard me touch briefly on these. The new race rules for 2011 are as follows:

1. On restarts, the first three cars may choose their spot in the line up. 1st may choose inside or outside line. 2nd may choose inside, behind number 1, or outside pole. 3rd may choose his spot  depending on where number 2 went. 4th will take the next available spot. It is possible that 4th could be moved up to outside pole. This will bring strategy into play, and could make things a little more interesting.

2. The three race rule for Rookies to be able to "Pull a Pill" for the heat line ups will no longer apply. All Rookies will start at the back of the pack until the Race Director deems them capable, to theoretically start on pole. You must be able to pass other cars and move through the field to be considered eligible. This rule will apply to all current racers as well. If you are deemed to be too slow, or are considered unqualified due to your experience level or driving style, you will be sent back until you can prove you are capable.

3. This new rule applies to top three only. If you are running top three and you are spun by an offending party behind you, you will be able to restart in the same position. The offending party will be sent to the rear of the field. This call will be made by the Race Director. Note: It must be 100% clear that you were spun purposely, and not caused by racing. If it is not 100% clear, both parties will be sent to the back. Please note that  this call will be made by Tim and is purely subjective based on what was seen. These calls are not up for debate, discussion  or otherwise. If this becomes an issue, we will revert back to  the current rule now. You both go to the back.

Opening Night Set for May 18th, 2011

Opening Night will be held May 18th, 2011. Test and Tune days will be held May 7th and May 14th. The ambulance will be on site for both of these days, so we can have several cars on the track at one time.
Wednesday  May 11 will be a test and tune/race night. We will hold practice races on this night. This night will be an Open House Night with any and all fans coming in for free. We will have all staff on hand, as we will use this night for our test and tune for Opening Night. We would appreciate it if all racers made it out for this night.

81 Days to Opening Night.

Autograph Cards

As mentioned in the Annual meeting in January, every week we will be asking one driver from each class to bring their car up to the front gate at 6:30 to put it on display until 7:30. We will ask the driver to remain with
his car and and be available for pictures, questions or for autographs. It is important to me that we build a new relationship between the fans and the race car drivers. We will be having two Fan Appreciation Nights this year, one in early summer and one late summer. It is important to me that all drivers get autograph cards made this year.

This is a great opportunity to build new fans for your car and help promote racing at Capital City Speedway. If everyone does this, it will most certainly raise the professionalism of our track and
your racing program. The cost to get autograph cards made are small compared to the return of a huge smile from a race fan. We can provide information on where to get them and the costs involved.

For more information visit

New Mini Stock Tire

We have more information on the new spec mini stock tire. You can view most of the information at
The overview is that it is a 14" tire, designed for racing by Goodyear, very similar to the Falcon, only better. The cost will be  less than the Falcon and sold by the Drummonds at the track. The tire ran  quicker than the Falcon with better wear. It is more  durable than the Falcon and the tread compound is akin to a high performance street compound.

In 2011 we will allow all racers to run the Falcon, or the Goodyear. I will decide on the Falcon K when I get a chance to review that tire. In 2012,  we will go with the Goodyear only, subject to our experience with the tire this year.

Mini Stock Meeting

Remember, the Mini Stock meeting will be held March 2 at Busters Bar and Grill, located in the Lincoln Heights Mall. The meeting will commence at 7:00 pm, but you can join us for dinner at 6:00 pm.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Congratulations to Todd Musker

Congratulation to Todd Musker and crew for taking home the Long John 200. The 200 lap enduro was held at Kawartha Speedway on February 6th. A field of more than twenty took to the sloppy and slick track . Todd Musker's Mustang ran the top side of the track to perfection, keeping his 6 cylinder pony wound up. Todd Musker earned a first place finish in the 6 cylinder class.

Local Late Model Drivers In New Symrna

Tim Dorning, Justin Holtom and Spencer McPherson have finished up their ACT race held in New Symrna Speedway. Tim had a 24th place finish, Justin finished 23rd and Spencer finished up 18th. We look forward to seeing these guys battle it out for the 2011 Late Model Championship at your home track, Capital City Speedway.

Local Legends Drivers take in Winter Nationals

Kevin Foisy and Bob Sugrue are down at Auburndale Speedway competing in the Legend Winter Nationals. Kevin has continued his winning ways by taking  the heat race and the feature race on February 16th. Bob finished a respectful 6th. We wish them continued success the rest of the week there. You can watch all of the Legend Winter Nationals at

We do have pictures of Kevin Foisy's new car, a 1934 Ford Coupe built by Devo  Motorsports. Kevin says the car is a rocket and looks forward to  running it at Capital City Speedway.

New Spec Tire for Mini Stock

I do not have all of the details yet, but we will have a spec tire for the Mini Stock class for 2011. It will be the same tire as Kawartha Speedway. The tire will be available for sale by the Drummonds at the track. We will give you more details as we know them.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mini Stock Drivers Meeting

The Mini Stock drivers meeting will be held Wednesday, March  2 at Busters Bar and Grill located in the Lincoln Heights Mall. The meeting will be held at 7:00 pm.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Banquet Highlights

Saturday, January 29th was the 2010 Capital City Speedway Awards Banquet Night held at the Hampton Convention Centre. The evening started out with a social hour where everyone had a chance to catch up on what was new and old. It was a site to see, so I was told, 200 plus people all dressed to the 'nines' for this gala evening. The evening also featured a "year in review" slide show. It documented the new asphalt being laid by an awesome crew and method - three wide. Thanks to Heather Drummond and our track photographer Phillip MacCullum. The dinner was served up at 7:00 pm with the table line up being chosen by pulling a pill for position at the buffet table. By everyone's account the food was to die for. Thanks to the kitchen staff at the Hampton Inn.

Before the awards portion of the evening started, Robert Drummond talked about the 2010 race season. He started by saying, the excitement of having new asphalt on the track lead to an increased car count in each class. The rain put a damper on the first part of the season but better things were to come. When July and August came, the rain gave way to clear skies and with that came some great racing. The race fans also came out and the numbers grew week to week. The last race of the season saw our highest turnout all year long. Robert then welcomes Todd Gow as the new track operator and wishes Todd much success for 2011.

After Roberts speech it was time to hand out the well earned hardware and the points payouts. It started with the Gow Property Management Four for Fun class with Quincy Roberts being crowned Champion.

The Stittsville Trailers Mini Stock Championship was awarded to Doug Mould for the 2nd year in a row.

Lentech Motorsports Legend Class saw a new Champion for 2010, Chad Windsor.

The 53 Colours Thunder Class saw a threepeat winner, Greg Ogilvie.

The Drummond Gas ACT late Model Championship went to Justin Holtom

The Rookies of the year went to Shawn Ethier, Chris Zieren, Jessica Passinetti and Derek Behan. Best appearing crew went to Brooke Cordick. Best appearing car went to Chad Windsor. The final award of the year, Driver of  the Year,  went to Doug Mould  for his
 sportsmanship and for his tight points battle.

After the awards were completed, the band Trashed Taxi played the rest of the evening away.

Thanks very much to everyone for a wet but successful 2010 Race Season. We will see you all soon at the races.

Mini Stock Drivers Meeting - Announced next week

We are working on a date for the Mini Stock drivers meeting. It will be held in the first or second week in March, at the latest. We are looking at ways to fix the way things have been done in Mini Stock. We are looking at tightening the Rule Book wordings, we will be introducing stiff penalties and fines for guys who take the grey area and think it is ok to use that to their advantage. If it doesn't say you can't, doesn't mean you can. Stock ignition modules should  mean no reprogramming of it and will be corrected in the Rules for 2011. The rumour mill is already running rampant with our prospective changes to the mini stock class, and guys already working on how to get around them.

The main change we are looking at now is we will have all cars brought to Richmond Powersports and put on the Dyno. Len Bertrand has offered the use of his facility at no charge for one day in spring. All cars will be put on the Dyno and weighed. Capital City Speedway will then make a fair horsepower to weight ratio and depending on your numbers you may be a little heavier than you other competitors. Engines will be sealed, and we will checked regularly for tampering. Any engine changes made after the date will have to go back to get your new numbers prior to coming out to race again. Certain exceptions will be made available in a case by case basis.

Our goal here is to make most cars competitive with the guys spending huge  dollars on motors and enhancements  somewhat penalized for doing so. I want  this class, and all others to remain financially viable for the common person.

You should not have to invest all of your net worth to buy a competitive mini stock car. If you want to spend large amounts of money on racing, then move up a class or two.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Thunder Car Coming

We are very pleased to announce that Jessica Passinetti will be running at Capital City Speedway again this year in her new Thunder Car. Julio has sent over a few new pictures for us. Julio is currently getting it ready for the 2011 season and is putting on his touch to make this car the best in can be for Jessica. Julio said he will be putting on a older body style to really make it  a throw back Thunder Car. Stay tuned for updated pictures as we receive them.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Nostalgia Room

I would like to thank  Marilynn Drummond and Cindy Kenyon for their donations for the Nostalgia Room. We are still looking for donations of memorabilia, so please pull out those old photo's, schedules, and any other assorted things you have from the track and give us a call. We are also looking for your old racing film footage, whether it be an old beta video, in car video camera or a new HD version. We would like it all.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Race Director Announced For 2011 Season

Capital City Speedway is pleased to announce that we will have a new Race Director for 2011. The new Race Director will be Tim Dorning.

We feel that Tim will be an excellent fit for Capital City Speedway, as he has the experience needed for the position and the right attitude for 2011.

The new motto for 2011 will be " It's all about Fun".

New Announcer For 2011

Capital City Speedway is pleased to announce that Brian " Motor Mouth" Goudge will be back with us for 2011. In the late 70's, Brian first started announcing races at Ottawa Valley Speedway, which in later years retained its original name, Capital City Speedway.

Along the way he has been "MotorMouth" at Kawartha Speedway, Brockville Speedway, Airborne International Speedway, and Thunder Road. Brian was also the voice of the Great Race from 1995-2008, completing numerous timed/ controlled speed/ distance rally competitions across Canada and the United States.

As Capital City Speedway celebrates its 50th Anniversary, we are delighted to have "MotorMouth" returning to Capital City Speedway for the 2011 season.

Annual General Meeting Recap

The Annual General meeting was considered a success by many. The feedback we have received was very positive, and now we have more people who are optimistic about the future of Capital City Speedway, besides my family and I. Some of the questions/ suggestions which came up after the meeting were very good and as a result of those suggestions, we have already changed our program to reflect these great ideas.

Sandi Madore suggested that we have the Fan Appreciation Night earlier in the year, and then Dave (Radar) Windsor added that we don't have to have only one.

So thank you for these ideas, and now we will have two Fan Appreciation Nights. One will be held on June 29, which is our Schools Out Party and the other will be held August 10th.

I have stated this at the meeting, and I will say it again, any great ideas that help the track and Capital City Speedway remain viable will be implemented. 

If you missed the meeting and would like a copy of the presentation, send us an email at and we will email you a copy.

New Capital City Speedway Website Coming

Capital City Speedway has entered into a contract with Motorsport Designs to create a new website for Capital City Speedway.

Greg, at also provides Autograph Cards and Image Cards for racers.

This year we will ask all drivers to obtain these for their cars for Fan Appreciation Nights and for your turn up front for our weekly car displays at the front gate.

You can view his site at

Donations Made To Nostalgia Room

I would like to thank Brian Goudge, and Scott Cuthberton  for their donations for the Nostalgia Room. We have talked to a number of people who have offered donations to the Nostalgia Room thus far, so please pull out those old photos, programs, film footage etc.. and give us a call so we can get them picked up.

The interest level in this idea is far more than I expected, and I am very pleased to see the cooperation of so many fans, drivers and car owners. This Nostalgia Room would not happen without your contributions, so please accept my thanks to all of you who will donate something.

Together, we can make something special.