Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year to all of our Race Fans, Advertisers, Drivers and Car Owners.

From all of us at Capital City Speedway, to all of you. We wish you, health and happiness in 2012, and look forward to seeing all of you again soon.

2012 looks great for Capital City Speedway

2012 should be the year that Capital City Speedway shines, and will be the turning point in making Capital City Speedway the place to be once again. With the re-opening of the Drag Strip and the addition of the Drift Series, we will see the track running mutiple nights once again. We would like to thank all of you who played a part in making that happen. I look forward to seeing you all once again. If you are going to race this year you better get a start on it as there is only 150 days to opening night.

We have a glimpse of the new look and new Late Model of Derek Horsly. He will be a  running out of the AD Motorsports club for 2012.

The positive feedback we have been receiving for the 2012 Season has been appreciated, and the support for CCS has started to come in.

Capital City Speedway is pleased to announce the following:

Drummond's Gas will be back as Class Sponsor for the Late Model Class.

53 Colours will be back as Class Sponsor for the Thunder Class.

Lentech Motorsports will be back as Class Sponsor for the Legends Class.

SFL Meteal Works will be back as Class Sponsor for the Four For Fun Class.

I would like to thank all of these companies for supporting us once again in 2012. Please feel free to give these companies a call for their services when required. If we are to continue racing, we need companies like these ones to step up and support us. For them to continue to do so, we need to support them and thank them by spending money at their locations when we need a service they provide. This applies to all of our great track advertisers. Just remember, if you use one our our advertisers, please let them know you did because of their association with Capital City Speedway.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas to all.

The Gow Family and all of the CCS staff would like to wish all of you and yours a very Merry Christmas.

Annual General Meeting Highlights

Thanks to all of you who made it out to our 2012 Annual General meeting. As always, when CCS has something planned Mother Nature plays a role. It was a little icy and thanks to those who were able to make it out to hear what 2012 has in store for Capital City Speedway.

2011 saw great gains in the entertainment value offered and a new attitude in the pit area. Thanks to all of the drivers, race fans and car owners for believing in the vision that we have for the future of Capital City Speedway. We are back this year as a result of the positive gains we made in the front and back and the positive reviews we have received from all of you. We are excited about moving forward with our plans for 2012.

As with any business there are highs and lows, and that can be said about the 2011 season. Early in the season weather played a roll again this year but got better as the season rolled along. Summer Slam was a great success and the weather had a big part to play in that as it was a great day for racing and Monster Trucks. Overall it was a great year and we expect things to get even better in 2012.

We have been talking with a number of different people who are interested in bringing out new Thunder Cars in 2012. It looks like we should have a much better Thunder Car field next year. The Legend class will have a number of new and old cars coming back and we expect to have a great field of cars each and every week. The Mini Stock class will see several new cars out next year and we expect to have 20 cars each week. At this point the Four for Fun class should see 3 new cars in 2012. The Late Model class has been quiet from a new car count perspective with only Derek Horsely bringing out a new car. We hope to see a few more come on board before Opening Night.

Rule Changes for 2012.

The most exciting change will be the new Line Up rules. In 2012, all cars will have to qualify for their positions in the feature. Drivers will pull their starting position for the first heat, the second heat will be reverse of the first heat. The feature line up will be a total of the points accrued from both heats with the highest point earner starting 1st, subject to inversion. We will then invert the field by the roll of 1 dice, and all classes will be inverted using the same number. ( 1 to 6 )

The Thunder Car class will have the option of running new bodies next year, and as of now we have several drivers who are looking into that now. Watch for a larger, better looking Thunder Class for 2012.

The H.P to weight ratio we implemented this year in the Mini Stock class was deemed a great success all around. The changes to Mini Stock this year are; We will see the weight ratio increased to 19 lbs per H.P from 18, a new ride height of 4 1/2 inches and maximum allowable H.P to be 140. All cars must be dynoed prior to opening night this year. We will have a dyno day and we will advise you when that will be.

As we grow the Four for Fun Class, we want to make this class competitive as the talent level is varied. With this in mind, we have introduced a new H.P to weight ratio for this class. The H.P to weight ratio will be 20 to 1. We have also allowed the skinning for the cars, the roll cage back to the shock towers and same size tires around the car.

Last year we brought in the idea of a mini fan appreciation night where by 1 car from every class will be up front to meet and greet our fans. This year we are making sure that this will happen each and every week and now is a requirement for all drivers to participate in. Up front on Opening Night will be all class champions for 2011. Please make sure that you have your autograph cards ready for your turn up front. After the first week, we will be taking reservations so please let us know which week works best for you. If we have openings in the schedule, we will let you know when it will be your turn. New this year , as part of your membership all drivers will be required to donate a minimum of 3 hours of volunteer work to the track. This can be to help paint, landscape, clean or even take part in a car show during the season.

The 2012 Rule Book will be posted in the next several weeks.


Drifting at the track started mid season and continued until October. Drifting will be continued on a weekly basis next year and expanded to include several competitions during the summer. We are making some small paving additions to the track to make the Drifting even better in 2012. We were in discussions with DMCC to hold a National Event, but unfortunately we could not provide the required track for their event. Discussions with DMCC will continue after 2012 to see if we can accommodate their required track layout.

Drag Strip

Capital City Speedway will be open the Drag Strip for street car drags throughout the summer. We will have a basic set up to begin with to judge the response from all of you. The strip will be operated on a 1/8 mile track and will start with some old fashioned arm dropping to get us started. The more successful the Drag Strip becomes will determine the financial investment in it. So if you want to see us continue to run the Drag Strip, please show your support in 2012. We are looking at the schedule now and it will be run on Friday or Saturday Nights. We hope to have car shows as part of this weekly event. Stay Tuned for schedule updates as they become available.

Stay Tuned for more updates as they become available.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Annual Meeting still on.

It is a little messy out side, but the meeting is still on for tonight. Take a little extra time and drive safe.

See you tonight.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2012 Annual Meeting this coming Wednesday December 21 2011

It has been confirmed that the Gow Family will be back at Capital City Speedway for 2012.  We will hold our Annual Meeting Wednesday December 21 at the Travelodge Hotel on Carling Ave. This is the old Talisman Hotel. The meeting will start at 7:00 pm.

The meeting will be similar to last years meeting and we will go over all of the changes planned for the 2012 season. We will review the good, the bad and the ugly and our plans to correct the bad and the ugly, and our plans to make the good even better.

Most likely, 2011 would have been our first and last year managing Capital City Speedway if it were not for the positive reviews we have had from our race fans, our drivers and car owners. We will be making numerous changes again in 2012 to make Capital City Speedway even better for our Motorsports fans, owners and drivers. We will be expanding the operations at the track and will now be running multiple nights with various groups of racers. We will also let you know of some minor rule changes in some of the classes, line up changes, safety equipment and a few other things.

I know this time of year is quite busy with Christmas coming, but we wanted to get this in prior to January as some of our people are off to Florida. We hope you will take some time out of your busy schedules to drop in and see us, and see where Capital City Speedway is going in 2012.

Friday, December 9, 2011

2012 Annual General Meeting Coming Soon?

Monday December 12 should be the last meeting we will have with the Drummond's. We expect to have an agreement in place which will satisfy both parties for 2012. Once we have an agreement in principle, we will advise you of the 2012 Annual General Meeting. There will be some changes made to the way things were done last year as we continue to right the ship, and make Capital City Speedway the Motor Sports Facility it should be.

Our vision for 2012 will see additional nights added to the schedule for other motor sports activities to be held at CCS on a weekly basis. We need to add these events to increase the income, the awareness of the facility and to make CCS the place to be for all of the different motorsports racers and fans.

We are very happy with the direction the Stock Car program took last year and it was the positive feedback from all of you that has kept us going forward with this endeavour. When we took over the track we knew there were going to be many challenges to face, and we were going to have to make many changes to the direction the track was going. I want to thank all of you who helped us and bought into the program. Unfortunately, our work is not close to being done yet and there are many things we will need your help on in making 2012 the best that it can be. Our goal is to hear the cars that put the "Thunder in the Pines" for many years to come and I know with your help we can make this happen.

Please stay tuned and we will advise you of the meeting when it has been arranged. I hope to see all of you there.

Friday, December 2, 2011

New Thunder Cars coming in 2012

Capital City Speedway is pleased to announce that Karol Thibideau has purchased a  Thunder Car and will be racing full time with CCS in 2012. Karol will be moving up from Mini Stock and will be competing for Rookie of the Year.

Capital City Speedway is pleased to announce that Keith Riddell has purchased a Thunder Car and will be racing with us in 2012. Keith has been racing go carts with the National Capital Karting Club for many years and has decided that Thunder is where he should be next year.

Both of these new teams are a great addition to the Thunder Class.

Karol, who joined us in the middle of the season last year in the mini stock class, showed us what being a racer is all about. Karol comes out to the track with the right attitiude and wants to have fun each and every week.

Keith, who has raced Rotax Karts for many years, comes to the track with a competitive spirit and who wants to enjoy the experience of racing at CCS.

We are very excited about all the new cars and promise of additional cars coming out in 2012. We will have new cars in every class next year and we will keep you updated as we receive any more great news. If things continue they way they are going now, 2012 should see the best car count in many years.

We have heard a number of rumours that several teams are looking at getting new 2011 bodies styles for the 2012 season. As soon as we have new pictures of those cars, we will share them with you.
Stay Tuned!

Big News from AD Motorsports

Big News for AD Motorsports
AD Motorsports has expanded again, along with the #88 Late Model of Ricky Rump, the #82 44Fun of AJ Dickie, we are excited to announce some new members for the 2012 season. Nolan Gould with his mini stock and legend car will be representing AD Motorsports at Capital City, Peterborough and Kawartha, running the full season at all 3 tracks. Sara Sproule, daughter of the late Ken Sproule will be making her debut in the #99 44Fun. Derek Hoarsley will be returning to his racing seat in the new #24 Late Model. AD Motorsports has also teamed up with Ottawa Innes Fix Auto and Studio Imaging with more sponsors to be announced at a later date. As if this wasn't enough news, AD Motorsports is also keeping a secret about the debut of another car (or 2). As always, thanks to Jim Willis, Gilles Seguin, Curtis Hunt, Chris Lavergne, Juliann and Jackson Dickie, Amber and Kathleen Dugas. Al Dickie is excited for all the changes and new members and is hopeful that this is going to be the best season yet.