Sunday, November 27, 2011

New Advertisers Wanted for the 2012 Season

Do you own a business and are looking for a unique way to advertise your business? One of Capital City Speedway's numerous advertising packages may be just what you have been looking for. I would like to invite all Business Owners interested in advertising with Capital City Speedway in 2012 to give me a call so we can discuss all of the different packages available to you. I can be reached at 613-723-7223.

New look for the 88 Late Model of Al Dickie

Winter hasn't even started yet and some teams are ready for 2012. Al Dickie wasted no time in getting his #88 Late Model ready for next year with it's new look for 2012. The new look is very sharp with the yellow and blue paint scheme and I am quite sure that Rick Rump will be very happy to be driving this nice looking Late Model in his run for the 2012 Championship.

Hopefully, this is just the beginning of a number of new looks we will have for the 2012 racing season. We will post the updated looks as we receive them. Stay Tuned.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

"Up to Speed"

Even though the racing season has ended, our work behind the scenes still continues as we work towards the 2012 Season.

Thunder Car Class:

The response we have recieved in regards to the body rule change for the Thunder Cars has been very positive and we will see some new 2011 body styles on the track in 2012. We have already allowed some body styles not listed, so if you are looking at something different for your Thunder Car and are not sure if it will comply or not with the new rules, please give us a call and we will look at it for you. The end result of this modification to the rules should make our Thunder Class more diversified from a body standpoint and will improve the look of the entire class. Stay tuned for more news on who is doing what with their new body.

The last few years we have seen a smaller car count in the Thunder Class than what we would like to have seen, but I am encouraged with our discussions with a number of different people about bringing out more Thunders for 2012. We will have 1 driver who wants to move up from Mini Stock and has made a downpayment on a car. He will advise us when it is in his garage and we will let you know when that happens.  I am almost certain that we will see Ken Sproule's car back on the track next year with a new owner and driver. I have taken the opportunity to make sure that that car was not going to leave our area and go to another track.  Perhaps another Rookie canidate may unfold with the 33 car of Ken Fisher coming back in 2012 with a father and son team. I know of another father and son team who has almost completed their new Thunder Car team. As the details get worked out, we will introduce to you the new Rookie Thunder Car drivers. On top of that as well, I know of a few more people that may make it back this year with Thunder Cars.
So if you are a Thunder Car fan, you will not be disappointed with what is to come. Stay Tuned!!!!


The Legends Class this year had some up and downs in car counts during the season, but we are happy to say that 2012 is looking very good from a car count perspective. We have had new purchases of vehicles and have confirmed that some older cars will be coming back. Rob Shannon who has been away for a couple of years will be back in 2012. Mike Madore has overcome some back issues he was battling in 2011 and will be back full time in 2012. Eric Madore has sold his car locally and we hope to see that car out next year. Nolan Gould has bought two cars from Frank Johnson and has been out testing. Nolan Gould - Rookie of the Year in 2012? One rumour that has not been confirmed at this point will see Matt Mould returning for a full season. Brent Egan is getting his engine rebuilt so he will be ready with a new power plant for 2012.

Mini Stock:

There will not be that  many new drivers for 2012 as of yet, but what we will see is some new cars with some old drivers. Speculation says we will see some older drivers coming back out with some new cars. Rumour has Daryll Gow coming back with a new power plant in his car. Dave Watchorn is rumoured to be building something new for us, and of course it will be great to see Brooke Cordick moving up to Mini Stock this year. Casy Cavanagh will be out next year in his new ride, and Casy's old 49 has been sold locally and will be back at CCS in 2012.

Four for Fun:

If we can get out 25% of all of the people who I have talked to lately about becoming involved in this class, we should see another 5 cars in this class. We will anounce the new cars and new drivers when they become available. I expect to see 12 to 14 cars in this class each and every week and can say now we will have quite the Rookie of the Year battle in this class.

Late Models:

There has not been as much activity here as we would have liked but there are unconfirmed reports that we will have another 2 cars out for sure with hopefully more to come. We will keep you up to date as things come in.

The question on everyone's mind at this point is will the Gow Family be back in 2012. We have met with the Drummond Family this week and if all goes well we should be able to make an announcement in the next 2 weeks. The reason for the delay is I will be out of town next week on holidays celebrating my 15th Anniversary with my wife and Canteen Manager, Renata.  The plans are made at this point for the direction of CCS in 2012 and starting from where we left off should make next year one of the better years in a longtime. Once everything has been agreed upon we will let you in on the details. But I will leave you with this.

"While I am away down south with my wife it always seems that the days just seem to DRIFT away. After spending a week in paradise, it is always a DRAG to come back to reality."

There will be no update next week, but stay tuned.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Sara Sproule Education Fund

We would like to thank everyone who donated money for the Sara Sproule Education Fund. As a result of your kindness we were able to raise $ 3240.08. Special thanks go to Trevor Hartwick from Stittsville Trailers who donated half of his 50/50 win to the fund. His contribution was $ 345.00