Sunday, November 25, 2012

Theft at Capital City Speedway

Dear Capital City Speedway Fans and Drivers,
I was out at the track today and someone has stolen our wiring for the Drag Strip lighting. The wiring for the lighting of the track was stripped clean from front to back. The cost of the scrap wiring will be small in regards to the replacement cost which will run over several thousands of dollars. I will not be able to find out who did this without your help. Please spread the word about what happenened, and let everyone know that someone will be looking to sell it, or scrap it for a few dollars. The Drag Strip helps fund the overall operation, and we will not be able to stay open without that source of income. So, yes it ultimately will affect you as well, so please if you hear anything or know someone who does, please let me know. I have a number of folks who would like to have a chat with him, including myself. Thanks for your help in this matter.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Up to Speed

The Gow Family and the Drummond Family are continuing the negotiations for the 2013 lease term for Capital City Speedway. We should have news later next week about about our discussions, and will announce the outcome when we have made those final.

Even though we do not have a confirmed deal we are plugging along with preparations for next year. We should have the final Thunder Car rules out late next week, but what we do know now is this.

1.The full METRIC tube chassis offered by a number of companies will be allowed in 2013.
2. Front load bolts will be allowed in 2013.
3. Standard Transmissions will be allowed in 2013 with a weight penalty. That final weight has not been agreed upon yet, but will be 50 to 75 lbs.
4. The holley 4412 will be the only carb to be run.
5. Weights will be changed to 50/50 front to back and 55 left/45 right side.
6. Cascar chassis's with a Camaro clip will not be allowed. Original Camaro chassis's will still be allowed.
7.Weight credits for a 602 crate will be removed.
8. The existing car weight limit will be changed from its current limit to a new weight. Those are yet to be determined.
9. Changes will be made to the built motor rules. We are looking at allowing the aluminum intake and cam shaft changes. These changes will make the built motors similar to the current 602 crate rules.

With the changes to the Thunder car rules, we have seen a new excitement level in the Thunder class, and we expect to see a revived car count in that class. There is one fellow who is on his way to Vermont now to pick up his new Thunder Car for the 2013 season. These changes are about inclusion rather than exclusion, and the ability to introduce new cars into the class. These changes open the door to make it easier to buy Thunder cars and get them out to Capital City Speedway. I think this is a step in the right direction to see a bigger field of cars and competitors in this class as well as making it more exciting to racers and our fans alike.

Our Drag Strip was a great success in 2012 and things are getting better each and every week with news of new Drag Cars coming out to CCS next year. I have had numerous discussions over the last week about Drag Guys who still didn't know about us, or still though the track was too short for their cars. After out chat about our facility, we will see them out next year. If Drag racing is your thing, CCS will be the place to be in 2013. Plans are under way to make the Drag facility even better next year with proposed staging lanes, better lighting and the timing system extended to include the 1000 foot mark as well as the 1/8. Watch for our new 4 night Drag Competition Championship Series, as well as our new JR Dragster Series as well. Track Champions will be named in each division in 2013. Make sure you are part of this new and exciting series.

Looking for something to do on Sunday's? Stay tuned for developing news on the return of an old Stittsville favorite past time.

If you own a business and want to be a part of all of the exciting things happenning at Capital City Speedway in 2013, then you should become an advertiser at the track. Packages start as low as  $500.00. If you have nay interest in doing so, then please call Todd Gopw at 613-723-7223. We would be happy to talk to you about all of the benefits to you, and your company.

Remember, Capital City Speedway will be the place to be in 2013. It doesn't matter if you are a Stock Car Fan, a Drifting Fan, or a Drag Strip Fan - at CCS we have them all.

We hope to see you at the Races in 2013.