Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Racing just keeps getting Better at CCS

Wednesday Night saw another week of great racing. Our drivers certainly have picked up the pace as we saw some great racing and battles all night long.  Myers Motors Night was no exception with some great wheel to wheel, bumper to bumper racing action.

The best feature of the night had to go once again to the mini stocks who battled from the green flag all the way to the checkered flag. The top eight cars finished the race within seconds of each other. The battle for the lead was fought hard between Casey Cavanagh and Dwayne Emon with a beehive of activity behind them all race long. Casey ended up with the win, but it was a toss up between a number of cars who could have won it. Jason Moss who blew up his motor 2 weeks ago will be back this coming Wednesday along with Dave Watchorn who was away on business.

Sean Kennedy took the checkered for the Late Models, but any slip up by him would have seen a number of contenders knocking on the door. Tim Kirby seems to have gotten his ride working well for him this year. Tim is in a new car and has finished well in all of his races. Look for him to be in the winners circle at some point this year. Ken Baird has taken the points lead with a number of strong finishes so far, but has yet to get into the winners circle this year. Ken just needs a break and look for him to be in the winners circle.

Matt Haufe had a great battle for most of the feature with last weeks winner, Chris Zieran, but held off that challenge to win his first feature of the year. Rookie Terry McClelland has been putting together some good runs and watch for him after he gets some more seat time in that new car. Newcomer Robin Jongen from Barrie made a great first impression and finished well in his first run at CCS.

The Thunder class saw Todd Musker once again take the checkered flag. Watch for this lass to get even more interesting as Mike Hennick should have his new motor and be back with us this week. Jessica Pasinetti has a new power plant going in this week as well, as the power was not there this week after her first win last week. Rumours are swirling about some new Thunder Cars this week as well. This should help that class get back to having some reasonable car counts back in it.

Four for Fun saw Brandon Scott take another win and bolster his lead on that class. News of some new cars coming out over the next few weeks should bring this class back up to a reasonable car count in the very near future.

The Dinardo's Kart class saw a jump in Kart numbers this week and saw some very good racing. Things up front were tight all night long with Trevor Finch taking the win.

The Highlight of the night had to have been the first outing of the Dirt Sportsman class at CCS. We saw some great raing with our new exhibition class for 2013. The long term goal is to get these guys out every week next year as a regular class. Thanks go to Doug Buzzell, Dana Akins, Jason Shipclark, Steve Billings, John Ferguson, Bruce Makinson and Joey Evans for bringing thier cars out to put on a show for you. The feedback from these drivers and our fans was very positive and I look forward to where this will go. I have confirmations from other Sportsman drivers at this point that they will be out July 24th for our next Sportsman event. If this goes were I think it will, look for a much higher car count for this event.

This coming Wednesday is Fan Appreciation Night, so make sure you come on out and meet your favorite driver and get to see the cars up close.

I hope to see you at the races.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Myers Motors Night Tonight. Don't miss it.

Join us tonight for a full card of racing and more. It looks like the weather will clear this afternoon and we will be able to get our show in. Myer Motors presents our School's Out Night with children under 12 getting in for free. Watch for our special features tonight - Dinardo's Karts and introducing our first race for the Dirt Sportsman. It will be an action packed show and one you will not want to miss. As always, we need to see all of you in the stands tonight and don't forget to bring your friends. Lets make tonight the most attended race of the season.

I hope to see you, and all of your friends at the races.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Super Racing on Wednesday Night

This past Wednesday saw some of the best racing action we have had all season. If you missed it, then you need to come out this Wednesday for Myers Motors Night. We will have all of our 5 regular classes running with the Dinardo's Kart Class and our new Dirt Sportsman series. We have a number of confirmed cars at this point and are still working on getting more out. It should be a great show regardless of car counts at this point, and look forward to our July 24 and July 31st shows where we expect a even better turnout. This is a development class at this point and it will be very interesting to see where this class goes.

Late Model Class:

We saw a great feature race with Sean Kennedy taking his first feature checkered flag of the season. It is nice to see three different feature winners in three weeks in this class. We hope to see a couple more Late Models out over the next couple of weeks as they are trying to get their programs together to join us for the rest of the season.


What had to have been the most exciting race of the season so far, took place in the Thunder Class. If you are a CCS fan you will recognize the name. Young Jessica Passinetti, took her Malibu from outside pole to the lead and drove the wheels off it to take her first ever feature win. Greg Ogilvie pushed her hard but Jessica drove her heart out, never made a mistake, and kept running a fast clean line around the track. I had to laugh as I watched the laps count down and Jessica stayed true and kept her foot in it and beat the boys to the checkered flag. Greg Ogilvie finished a very close second. Todd Musker a very close third and Neil Leblond took home a fourth. All fours cars finished within seconds of each other. Needless to say, Jessica was ecstatic with her first win and Julio was a very proud father and crew chief.


With a double feature being run last night to make up for our Season Opener, the Legends had a busy night. Kevin Foisy took home both features last night. Surprise of the night was in the second feature where Chris Zieran was on Foisy's back bumper most of the way. Chris won last week's feature, and if last night was any indication look for him to be back in the winner's circle soon.

Mini Stock:

Another great race night for the Mini Stocks as we saw the third different winner in so many weeks. Casey Cavanagh took home his first checkered of the season with a number of cars close behind. Cory Wilson was having a strong night until he blew up his motor and ended his chance for the checkered. Watch for some close racing in this field for the rest of the season.

Four for Fun:

Mike Atwill took home his first ever checkered flag and of course there were plenty of smiles all around for that big win. It was good to see Leora Starkey back out in her car and lets hope we see continued growth in this class as the season progresses.

Vintage Modifieds:

After a nasty feature start bang up, Paul Billings ran Denzil Billings Jr hard all race long but lasted long enough to take home the checkered flag for his first feature win of the season.

Please join us next week when all children 12 and under get in free for Myers Motors Night.

I hope to see you at the races.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Capital City Speedway Digs up some Dirt for Sportsman Class

Capital City Speedway Listens to Driver Feedback and Increases Purse For Upcoming Dirt Style Sportsman Events; Great Support Could Lead to Weekly Division and Higher Payouts in 2014
By Craig Revelle – Finish Line Web Design
June 18, 2013

Track officials at Capital City Speedway in Stittsville, Ontario are about to roll out the welcome mat as they open their doors for the traditional dirt style Sportsman cars to come on out and have some fun on the 3/8th mile paved speedway located just off of Highway 7 just west of Ottawa. The Sportsman division has been booked in for four dates in the 2013 season, and with a strong turnout this year, more dates could be added for 2014.
The four dates for 2013 will all an addition to their already stellar Wednesday night lineup. The first race will take place on June 26th, July 24th, July 31st and the final race will take place on August 28th. Each Sportsman team will receive a free pit pass for the driver and two crew members (valued at $60). After first issuing this release last week, Capital City Speedway officials have decided to raise the purse to $300 to win, and will also pay back to the eighth place finisher. Second place will receive $200, third place will go home with $150, fourth place and fifth place will leave with $100. Sixth, Seventh and Eighth place finishers will receive amounts of $75, $50 and $25 respectively.

Standard Dirt Sportsman rules from area tracks will apply. Tires should be a hard compound dirt tire, but we will open it up to allow drivers to run old dirt track racing tires they may want to get rid of. We will revisit the rules package if we can get enough interest and cars for next year.

The idea for the Sportsman events at Capital City came through Joey Evans, a Sportsman driver from the Ottawa area. Joey approached Todd Gow with the idea, and soon the dates were finalized. Finish Line Web Design has also come aboard to help promote the four race event, and to help draw more attention to Capital City Speedway from area Sportsman competitors.

For more information on this Sportsman invasion of Capital City Speedway, please contact track promoter Todd Gow at the track at 613-723-7223 or email him at For more info on Capital City Speedway including schedule and general information and directions, please visit their website,

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dirt Sportsman Series to join our Race Program

CCS is looking to add the Dirt Sportsman class to our schedule. The Sportsman class has to be one of the largest in this area with Brockville and Cornwall sending cars home each and every week, due to high car counts. Only so many cars will fit on a track, and each week cars are being sent home. We see a number of different tracks in the U.S that run these cars on asphalt tracks as an alternate option and/ or, in addition to their dirt series tracks. The turnout and response from drivers and fans has been great and works well for everyone. CCs is going to try to make this work for Sportsman drivers and for our fan base, and hopefully some of the dirt fans as well.

Four dates have been added for the Sportsman Series at CCS. They are June 26th, July 24th, July 31st and August 28th. It is our intention to see where this goes for 2013, and with some great participation, and great fan support we will look at adding this our program in 2014. Join us next Wednesday as we hope to have a couple of them out at intermission doing some hot laps and giving us a little view of hopefully things to come.

We do not know what to expect yet, but as we develop this further, we will keep you informed of any and all progress.

Here is a copy of our Press Release.

Capital City Speedway Rolls Out the Welcome Mat for Dirt Style Sportsman Modifieds With Four Events Scheduled in 2013

By Craig Revelle – Finish Line Web Design

June 12, 2013

Track officials at Capital City Speedway in Stittsville, Ontario are about to roll out the welcome mat as they open their doors for the traditional dirt style Sportsman cars to come on out and have some fun on the 3/8th mile paved speedway located just off of Highway 7 just west of Ottawa. The Sportsman division has been booked in for four dates in the 2013 season, and with a strong turnout this year, more dates could be added for 2014.

The four dates for 2013 will all an addition to their already stellar Wednesday night lineup. The first race will take place on June 26th, July 24th, July 31stand the final race will take place on August 28th. Each Sportsman team will receive a free pit pass for the driver and two crew members. During these first four events, the winner will receive $100. If we can get the car counts from the local Sportsman competitors, we can build on this and offer a substantially higher purse for 2014.

The idea for the Sportsman events at Capital City came through Joey Evans, a Sportsman driver from the Ottawa area. Joey approached Todd Gow with the idea, and soon the dates were finalized. Finish Line Web Design has also come aboard to help promote the four race event, and to help draw more attention to Capital City Speedway from area Sportsman competitors.

For more information on this Sportsman invasion of Capital City Speedway, please contact track promoter Todd Gow at the track at 613-723-7223 or email him at For more info on Capital City Speedway including schedule and general information and directions, please visit their website,


A Great Night At CCS

Sometimes when things come together, the result is great. Great was the way to describe how things went last night at CCS. After working out some glitches for Opening Night, things raced along all night. In fact we set a record for getting through a full program last night, and a 100 lap enduro in record time. Things were helped by the fact that we had very few cautions, no wrecks and a red flag free 100 lap enduro. Things went so smoothly last night I got complaints from the clean up crew that they had nothing to do all night. I can live with that.

Racing started at 7:15 and we were crowning the Enduro winners at 10:15. We now hope that the speed and ease of last night's show continues. I know we will not be that lucky, but it was a great step in speeding up our program for our fans.


Four for Fun:
Brandon Scott picked up where he finished off last week, and that was in the winners circle. Kudo's to the Atwill team for being out last night after blowing their motor last week. Pops MacDonald was back last night after getting his new car ready for the season. Look for Pops to get that car dialed in over the next week or so and make a charge for the front.

Mini Stock:
The mini stock class feature was the best feature race of the night with plenty of great moves and racing. Aj Dickie was the surprise of the night leading most of the race, battling Cory Wilson who was all over him. Cory was outside, inside, bumping, trying to get by for the most of the race. A late caution brought the field back together, and the little Honda that could of Kyle Baker managed to get by for his first feature win.

Todd Musker showed us why he was last years champion, by getting a jump early on and held it to the finish line. Greg Ogilvie tried to play catch up after getting boxed in for the first few laps, but ran out of laps. Keith Riddell got his new look car out and finished strong for his first appearance of the year. Look for that car to get stronger each and every week. The big cheer of the night came for Jessica Pasinetti who blew her motor in the 2nd heat, but took the green flag for the feature, did her one lap nad then took it to the pits. I think it took all the car had to make it around one lap, but she took home her points for the feature and her payout. Mike Hennick tried to make the race, but blew his transmission in practice. Lets hope Mike gets that back together for next week.Rumour is that Karol Thibaut may be out for next week, as well as Bob Williams.

Legends were a little light last night as Kevin Foisy and Brian Saunders were down in Charlotte, NC for the Summer Nationals. Kevin Foisy ended up winning the A Main Feature. They ere trying to get abck in time to race here but never quite made it. We should see them back next week. Chris Zieran took home his first win of the season with a strong run last night.

Late Model:
The Late Models ran strong all night long with some great racing. Justin Holtom ended up winning the feature with Shawn Kennedy and Tim Kirby close behind. Justin ran a great race and never gave them the opportunity to take it away from him.

Overall a great night with the only repeat winner from last week being Brandon Scott in four for fun.

Join us next week when we will see Sports Systems Canada Night with a full program plus the Vintage Modifieds will be back in action.

See you at the races.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Capital City Speedway to Host an Autism Awareness Night Wednesday, July 24th

Capital City Speedway is pleased to announce that Wednesday July 24th will be our Autism Awareness Night. We have partnered up the the Canadian National Autism Foundation to bring awareness to our fans and drivers for them. A number of race tracks in Ontario have become partners with this organization and have offered to put on  " Kids Race ". This year Capital City Speedway has signed on for " Kids Race " and are proud to be a part of this, and do what we can for autism
research and awareness.

“KIDS RACE” was started in 2010 as an idea to create a new platform for autism research and awareness. It wasn’t too long after speaking and working alongside track owners, officials, drivers, crews and fans, that a common bond was formed. We realized that passion, dedication, family and the love for what we do, was something we all shared. “KIDS RACE” will only take place once this year, but autism doesn't stop.

" “KIDS RACE” is all about having family fun for a great cause" said the President of the CNAF, Tina Fougere. "It is all about family for me and accepting our loved ones with autism".We couldn't ask for a better place in the our Nations Capital to host our family event than with the wonderful people at Capital City Speedway who have opened their doors, but most importantly their hearts, to our cause.

Join us Wednesday July 24th for Autism Awareness Night at Capital City Speedway.

First Race is in the Books.

It wasn't the best Opening Night ever, but at least we got most of it in. This has to be one of the worst springs I can remember over the last few years. It reminds me of the 2010 season where we had rain or partial rain outs for the first 4 races. Mother Nature seems to be out of sorts this year as we have struggled to put races on, whether they be stock car, drifting or drags. Environment Canada started out with a hot dry summer, changed to a cool, wet summer, and know is back to a cool and wet early summer and a hot and dry forecast for July and August. Lets hope that happens. It certainly is frustrating for all of us and we try and do what we love to do. Race.

The weather was not the best for Wednesday Night, but at least one that allowed us to get the night in. First off, I would like to apologize to our Legends racers who were not able to get their feature race in due to our noise bylaw which states we must stop all racing activities at 11:00 pm. We had some issues which seemed to slow the night down significantly, our intermission went on far too long, and as a result we could not complete the Legends feature. Those issues have been addressed and will not happen again this year. They should not have happened in the first place, and for that I apologize to our racers and fans.

The bright side was that we had some great race battles all night long in a number of classes. We had some light car counts in Thunder and Four for Fun, but we expect those numbers to increase next week. The Vintage Modifieds were back and showed why they are a fan favorite. The Mods put on a great show and we look forward to having them back another 4 times this year.

The Late Models ran tight all night long, with Ken Baird taking the first Heat, Sean Kennedy taking the second heat and Steve Munro taking the feature win. Currently we have a three place tie for first place. Lets hope that we see this all season long. I love a tight points race, and if things play out like this all season we will see some great racing action, each and every night.

The Thunder class saw Todd Musker take the 1st heat, and the 2nd heat in his new Thunder Car, but Greg Ogilvie took home the checkered. Watch for new driver Neil Leblond to make things interesting all season long as he was in the mix all night long in his first race with us.

Legends saw Kevin Foisy start where he left off taking both heats, and unfortunately we did not get bthe Legends Feature in. That feature will be rescheduled for June 19th.

Mini Stock saw some great racing as these cars with their horsepower to weight ratio's, kept things tight all night long. The highlight of the night was when Kyle Baker lost his front tire going into corner number 1. Kyle worked hard on it and made it back for the feature race. Way to go Kyle.
Casey Cavanagh took home the first heat, Nolan Gould took home the 2nd heat with Daryll Gow taking home his first feature win.

Four For Fun saw a reduced field for opening night. Andrew Thompson took home heat # 1, Brandon Scott took home the 2nd heat and his first feature win ever.

Vintage Modifieds saw Josh Powers take home heat #1, Pete Stamper took home the 2nd heat and the feature win. Highlight had to be Pete coming out of the corners on three wheels.

The First Kart Race of the season had a good number of first time drivers at CCS. The # 67 WildKart of Paul Brignel put many years of motorcycle racing to the test in the opening race with only one small spin slowing his learning curve. Rahul Kochar at the wheel of the # 7 Phoenix Homes WildKart battled with Paul most of the night. Also in his first appearance was # 33 Carter Fisher with dad Ken wrenching, these guys are no strangers to CCS. Carter was quick all night and except for a collision in the chicane with the # 88 WildKart of Frank Dinardo chased down the big cams of Bill Hawes…Good to see Sean # 55 and Jeff # 3 of Crawford’s Shop in Perth out to the races. Crawford’s has motorized fun of all kinds, remember to support the people supporting CCS.

If Wednesday was any indication of the racing action to come all season long, we are in for an exciting season. Make sure you are there next Wednesday Night for our 2nd attempt at our first 100 lap enduro.

See you at the races.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Drifting Tonight is Cancelled.

Please note Drifting for tonight has been cancelled due to rain. Join us next Thursday Night for Drifiting.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Opening Night This Wednesday Night!!!!

It looks like the weather gods might allow us to get a race in this year, with a favourable forecast for this Wednesday Night. Lets hope the third time is the charm.

With two rain outs so far, we have had to do a little juggling with the schedule. This week we will have the Vintage Modifieds back with us, and the Dinardo's Karts, along with our 5 regular classes. We will have a full night of racing action planned as well as our first look at a few new Thunder Cars some great Vintage Racing, the fast and furious Karts, and a new start on the 2013 Points Chase. Join us next week, June 12th, for our first 100 Lap Enduro.

A new Champion will be named in Mini Stock this year, as Chris MacDonald has moved up to a Thunder Car and left that Championship up for grabs. Who will take the early lead in that division? There are a number of cars capable of taking the checkered flag this Wednesday.

The Thunder Car class has had some changes over the last year, with Todd Musker deciding to become car driver and owner. Todd has purchased a new Thunder for the 2013 season for his opportunity to repeat on his Championship run in 20123. Chris MacDonald, the 2012 Mini Stock Champion, will make his debut in his new Thunder Car along with # 88 Neil LeBlond from Buckingham. Look for the newly rebuilt and repainted car # 59 of Keith Riddell, as he has spent a lot of time and money rebuilding that car for the 2013 season. Long time Thunder driver, Greg Ogilvie, will be once again back behind the wheel of his # 7 Thunder, trying to re-capture another Thunder Car Championship in 2013. Who will it be? Come on out and cheer on your favorite driver and see who will take the first checkered flag of 2013.

In Late Model, join us to see the return of long time racer Paul DeJong, as he takes the wheel of the Sparks Street Mall sponsored Late Model of Al Dickie. Paul will certainly be out to show us why he has been a multiple championship winner at CCS. Can Justin Holtom hold off the challenges of Steve Munro again this year to repeat in 2013? With the most feature wins in 2012, can Sean Kennedy keep the wins coming, or will the competition step it up? You can find out on line or better yet, come and see it play out live. This Wednesday Night, at Capital City Speedway, will be your opportunity to see it all happen.
Join us at Capital City Speedway.

Speedy Auto Service is back in 2013

Speedy Auto Service will be back in 2013 as an advertiser with CCS. We would like to welcome them back for the season.

Speedy Auto Service: Reliable, Affordable Auto Repair

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A full service auto repair shop

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Visit any of the participating stores, and let them know you are there because of their sponsorship of CCS.

  • Auto Repair Kanata - 500 Eagleson Road Unit #12
  • Auto Repair Ottawa - 1608 Merivale Road
  • Auto Repair Orleans - 2523 St. Joseph Blvd.
  • Auto Repair Ottawa - 540 Bronson Avenue
  • Auto Repair Ottawa - 963 St. Laurent Blvd.


    Paul DeJong makes his return to CCS

    If you have been around CCS for the last decade or so you will know the name Paul DeJong. Paul has been racing at CCS for over 20 years, but has missed the last couple of years for personal reasons. I spoke with Paul a couple of weeks ago and he stated that he still missed racing and was hoping to come back in the near future. Well, the future will be this week as Paul has agreed to come back a little earlier than expected, and will be driving the # 88 Late Model owned by Al Dickie. The Sparks Street Mall sponsored Late Model was short a driver this year, and Al Dickie and Paul Dejong went to work and come to an agreement to have Paul as the driver for the 2013 season.

    This certainly will make things a little more interesting in the Late Model Class this year. Paul brings with him over 20 years of driving experience at CCS alone and will make the Late Model Championship race a little tighter and a little harder for returning Champion Justin Holtom.

    Join us for our third attempt for Gow Property Management Opening Night and come out and help welcome back Paul DeJong, or your cheer for your favorite driver.