Saturday, July 30, 2011

Biggest crowd of the Year at CCS watches some exciting racing

Wednesday July 27th was our biggest crowd of the year so far and we are looking forward to surpassing that mark next week for our CHEO Fundraising Night.

We saw some excellent racing in the features last night with the Late Models, Thunder Cars and the Legends. The Late Models saw Tim Kirby,Kenny Baird,Steve Munro and Justin Holtom bumper to bumper as they crossed the finish line. The Thunder class had Todd Musker and Greg Ogilvie battle each other for the last 12 laps or so. It was great to see those two back racing after missing last week.
The Legends feature saw Matt Haufe trying to get by Chad Windsor for most of the race. Kyle Brentwell made a last lap pass to take his first feature in the Four for Fun Class.

An excellent night of racing by all of our drivers as we had verty few cautions and only a couple of fender benders.

Four For Fun:

Heat 1 was won by Jason Moss
Heat 2 was won by Brian McCallum
The feature was won by Kyle Brentwell

Mini Stock:

Heat 1 was won by Kyle Baker
Heat 2 was won by Shawn Ethier
The feature was won by Derek Lamoureux


Heat 1 was won by Ken Sproule
Heat 2 was won by Greg Ogilvie
The feature was one by Todd Musker


Heat 1 was won by Matt Haufe
Heat 2 was won by Chad Windsor
The feature was won by Chad Windsor

Late Model:

Heat 1 was won by Ken Baird
Heat 2 was won by Tim Kirby
The feature was won by Tim Kirby

Those Summer days are "Drifting Away"

Capital City Speedway is now offering open Drifting Practice on Thursday's from 7:00 to 10:00 pm. We ran some early testing and the new asphalt made some nice drifting. Capital City Speedway is trying to grow some new events for the Speedway and Drifting was our next logical step. Our first open night will be August 4th and the cost for a car will be $ 25.00 and only $ 5.00 for spectators.  We hope to have good participation from the Drifters in the area and based on that support will determine future track layouts and additions.

We hope to see all of our local drifters come out and give CCS a try, and help promote drifting in the Ottawa area.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Points Updated. - Four classes up for grabs

Points have been updated to include the night of July 27th. If I could have planned it out, it would not be any better than it is all by itself. The point spread between four classes from 1st to 2nd is only 19 points.
The Late Model class points leader, Steve Munro is only 7 points up on Justin Holtom.
The Thunder class leaders, Ken Sproule and Dave Stinson are separated by 8 points.
The Legend class leaders, Matt Haufe and Chad Windsor are separated by 1 point.
The Mini Stock class is separated by 3 points.Shawn Ethier leads Casey Cavanagh.

Under the new points rules this year, the lowest points night for each driver will be dropped. Then we will be recalculating the points based on the season race total minus one race night. The points shown have not included this, and will not be done until after the final race.

Please note that September 10th will not be a points race, meaning that August 31st will be the last night to accumulate points for the season. The Season Champions will be crowned September 10th.

Monday, July 25, 2011

#67 Ford Late Model to join us this Wednesday

Capital City Speedway is pleased to say that the #67 car of Iain Adamson, driven by Cale Bailey will be here this Wednesday. This ACT car is sponsored by Better Business Equipment, Bailey's Automotive, Rocket Line High Speed Internet, Auto Trim & Signs, Port Hope Electric and

This 2011 Ford Fusion is the only Ford powered Late Model in Ontario. So if you are a Ford lover, you better make it out to CCS this Wednesday to cheer Cale Bailey on. His Father Greg says they will be bringing some hero cards down with them so if you are down in the pits stop in and say hello.

CHEO Fundraiser August 3 - Tesla Roadster will be there.

We will be having a CHEO Fundraiser on our August 3 race night. We will be having a wheelchair race to raise funds, and of course donations will be accepted.

If you or your company would like to participate in the wheelchair race please call Todd at 613-723-7223 to register. You or your company will need to make a minimum donation and have 4 persons who will take turns pushing and sitting in the chair.

The fastest electric car in the world will be on display supplied by DYMON Storage.

We are asking all race fans that will be coming down to the races that night to bring
"A Toonie for the Tots"

A Corporate Challenge has been made and CCS is asking all of our Advertisers to make a donation in the amount of $ 100.00.

Lets make August 3 a great day for CHEO and our Title Rights Holder DYMON Self Storage.

See you at the Races.

Friday, July 22, 2011

It was a Hot Night of Racing

It was a hot night of racing for the G.W Drummond Memorial Night and it wasn't just the temperature. Another week of exciting racing is in the books and now there is only 26 points spread over the five classes separating first place from second. This makes each and every week an exciting night as it is possible that in some classes you can go from 1st to 3rd with a bad finish.

Four For Fun:

Heat 1 was won by Rodney Dingwall
Heat 2 was won by Braydon Oakely, his first of his career.
The feature was won by A.J Dickie.

Mini Stock:

Heat 1 was won by Derek Lamoureux
Heat 2 was won by Chris Ethier
The feature was won by Derek Lamoureux


Heat 1 was won by Ken Sproule
Heat 2 was won by Dave Stinson
The feature was one by Ken Sproule


Heat 1 was won by Chad Windsor
Heat 2 was won by Matt Haufe
The feature was won by Matt Haufe

Late Model:

Heat 1 was won by Ken Baird
Heat 2 was won by Steve Munro
The feature was won by Steve Munro.

I would like to congratulate our first Inductees into the Capital Speedway Hall of Fame.

Builder Category: Gerry Bisson
Builder Category: Penny Bell

Driver Category: Keith James
Driver Category: Tim Dorning

Thanks again to Dick Bisson for coming down to accept the award on behalf of Gerry Bisson.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Drummond Family Adds Bonus Bucks for Tomorrow Night

The Drummond Family, Drummond's Gas and Drummond Equipment Rentals have increased the payouts for the G.W Drummond Memorial Night. Every heat winner from each class will get some bonus dollars, including the Four for Fun Class. The Feature winners will get a few extra dollars as well as a golf shirt. In all, the Drummond Family has increased the payouts by $ 700.00 for tomorrow night. The Drummond's will also be bringing 25 t shirts to give away to fans in the front grandstand.

On behalf of Capital City Speedway Drivers and Fans, I would like to thank the Drummond's for your most generous offer.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Hall of Fame Inductees Named

Capital City Speedway is pleased to introduce the First Inductees into the Capital City Speedway Hall of Fame who will be inducted this coming Wednesday, July 20th 2011.

The first Inductee in the Builders Class will be Gerry Bisson. Gerry Bisson introduced Stock Car Racing to the Ottawa area starting at Landsdowne Speedway and then creating a state of the art speedway called Capital City Speedway. Today racing continues at the site were Gerry Bisson moved to in 1961. We are pleased to announce that Richard Bisson, Gerry's son, will be there on Wednesday to accept the award on his behalf.

The second Inductee in the Builders class will be Penny Bell. Penny Bell took over the track after the passing of her husband Don Bell. Penny ran the track successfully for many years until she decided to sell the property in 2001 to pursue other interests. Penny Bell will not be able to attend.

The first inductee in the Drivers Class will be Tim Dorning. Tim Dorning has been driving at Capital City Speedway since 19  until he retired in 2010 to take over the position of Race Director at the track. Tim has won many races and track championships over the many years of his career and still calls CCS his second home. Tim Dorning will be there Wednesday to accept his induction into the Hall of Fame.

The second Inductee into the Drivers Class will be Keith James. Keith James raced in the late 50's at Landsdowne Speedway and was successful at a time when race cars were not as sophisticated as they are now, nor as safe. In many cases running cars without roll cages or without much head protection.

You can view pictures of the helmets used back in the day in our Nostalgia Room at the track and many other pictures celebrating the 50 years of racing at Capital City Speedway.

Join us this Wednesday July 20th for the George Drummond Memorial Night and help us celebrate the new Hall of Fame Inductees.

Friday, July 15, 2011

July 13 - Not so unlucky for CCS Fans

What started out looking like a rain out turned out to be our best night of the year. It cleared up late in the afternoon giving us enough time to dry the track and enough time to have the fans come out to catch all of the racing at CCS on Wednesday Night.

The night also happened to be lucky for the 25 Thunder Car of  Dave Woods, driven by Tim Illingworth, who lost control of hs car and was hit on the drivers door by the 13 car of Todd Musker. The impact knocked Tim out and his car continued to run on the infield. He finally stopped by running into the blocks that protect the light poles. Tim is doing well and will be back next Wednesday Night.

Race Results:

Mini Stock:

Heat 1 was won by Kyle Baker
Heat 2 was won by Kyle Chartrand
The feature was one by Derek Lamoureux who got a jump off the start and ran away from the pack. Derek had some clear track in front of him the entire race and cruised to take the checkerd.

Four For Fun

Heat 1 was won by Rodney Dingwall
Heat 2 was won by Jason Moss
The feature was won by Justim Helmsley who took his first feature win of the season.


Heat 1 was won by Chad Windsor
Heat 2 was won by Matt Haufe
The feature was won by Matt Mould who won his first feature of the season. Matt and Chad battled for most of the race along with Matt Haufe. With only two to go, Chad got into the back of Matt Mould and spun him. With our new rule this year, Matt got his 1st place spot back and Chad was sent to the back for the restart. Matt Mould lead the rest of the way with a hard charging Matt Haufe finishing only feet behind.

Late Model:

Heat 1 was won by Justin Holtom
Heat 2 was won by Kenny Baird
The feature was won by Steve Munro.


Heat 1 was won by Kenny Sproule
Heat 2 was won by Greg Ogilvie
The feature was won by Dave Stinson who took home his second feature this season. The race was stopped for a short period after Tim took that nasty crash and the ambulance and tow trucks were sent out.

If you are a fan of racing as I am, you may have noticed this year that mostly every week we have different winners in every race. This week was no different with no two same drivers winning in every class. That is great to see as it shows just how competitive most of our drivers are. This in turn makes each and every week exciting to watch.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Call us for up to Date Information on Races Tonight.

Our answering machine is the first notice in regards to a cancellation due to rain. Please call 613-723-7223 for up to date information on cancellations.

Our web master is out of town and it may take a little longer to get that website updated today.

It will be a late call today as we are going to wait out the current overcast conditions which are expected to clear later today.

Weatherman says we are good to go.

After review of the radar screens from the Weather Network, there appears to be a large cell of rain coming through Ottawa and the Valley this afternoon. They say it will clear up after 5:00 pm and become clear after that.

At this point we are a go and due to the projected time of 5:00 before it clears up, ( hopefully ) we will not be calling off tonights race until well after that time.

So don't let the rain this afternoon scare you. Come on out and see the cars that put the "Thunder in the Pines"

Thanks from Chris MacDonald

Racing is never a one man team and without help and friends sometimes, it can be a very long season or a very short one. Chris MacDonald hit the wall hard last week in corner number 3 and the car was a mess. He writes;
It has been a long week of late nights breathing new life into my #03 Dodge Neon, Mini Stock. If it were not for the superior roll cage installed in my Neon by SFL Metalworks, I may have been shopping for a new car & maybe visiting a chiropractor...or worse.

I'd like to thank Todd Gow for allowing me the opportunity to publicly thank all those who came through for me in such a big way.

My car is ready to hit the track this week thanks to the following people; Casey Cavanaugh for his connections and lending hand, Derek Lamoureux at Autovation for providing me with a hoist to work with, Al Dickie who stopped in to lend a hand & Malcolm MacDonald (my dad) who showed up to wrench & sweat with us for 3 days.

A special thanks goes to a dedicated sponsor & friend, Julio Pasinetti. Julio literally worked into the wee hours of the morning to re-build the front of my car. He does amazing work in record time & at a very fair price. Thanks AGAIN buddy!!

Thanks to everyone who chipped in. I'm there if you ever need anything...just don't expect me to go any easier on any of you on the track! Lol.

Chris MacDonald

Friday, July 8, 2011

Weekly Stat Sheets to be added to Home Page

One of the things that makes Capital City Speedway better each and every week is we always have one ear to the ground and listen to what people are saying. There have been discussions asking about the weekly statistic sheets detailing the points for each heat and for each feature. We listened, we agreed and we have made that happen. Now on the home page, is a link so you will be able to view all of the detailed scorekeepers points information per night. The link is now up and running and we hope to have all of the weekly stat sheets uploaded early next week.

100 Lap Enduro Next Week. NEW START TIME 7:15

The car count we have had with the Enduro Class this year has been great with an average of 22 1/2 cars. The Limousine counts as 1 1/2. This coming week, we are expecting even more as our new found Pembroke friends are coming down with even more cars. The talk is that they will be bringing down 10 cars alone. I fully expect the field this Wednesday to reach over 25 cars. Carpocolypse will happen at Capital City Speedway if we can get that kind of car count with a limo in the middle of all of it.

We have moved up our start time to 7:15 again this week, with the Four for Fun cars taking the track first, followed at 7:30 by the Late Models. We want to make sure we get our whole show in for you, as we must abide by our 11:00 curfew.


All enduro drivers may pre register and save $ 10.00 on your entry fee. You may email me the following to

Name, car number, car description, 4, 6, or 8 cyclinder, major sponsor only. As always you will need to provide a scorer per vehicle. We have ordered our new digital timer and hopefully it reaches us in time.

Stay tuned for further details on a new super stretch limo in the works for our later Enduro's.

Fan Appreciation Night quite the show..........

If you were one of the many fans there last night, you were witness to one of our rougher race nights we have seen this year. You would have thought there was a full moon last night, as the racers were in the trenches last night battling it out for every spot on the track. The clean up and tow truck guys were kept busy last night, but thankfully, did an outstanding job in getting things cleaned up quickly and efficiently.

Late Model:

Heat # 1 was won by Ricky Rump
Heat # 2 was won by Kenny Baird
The feature race took a little longer than usual to finish as it was a caution filled race and even once went red. There was an issue with a broken switch on the caution lights which went red and then caused some confusion as some cars stopped and others kept racing. Thanks to Scotty who installed a new light switch quickly and the racing resumed. Tempers ran a little hotter than usual and when things got settled back down, Ricky Rump and Kenny Baird made the final dash for the checkered. You could have flipped a coin to predict who was going to be in the lead at the checkered, as they went back and forth until Kenny Baird took the checkered. Ricky Rump finished second with Dave Baldwin a respectable third.


Heat # 1 was won by Greg Ogilvie
Heat # 2 was won by Dave Stinson
The feature race was won by Greg Ogilvie, Ken Sproule second and a good showing by Bruce Baldock for third. The night saw some good bumping and grinding all night long and there will be some hammers used this week to bang some dents out.


The Legend class results were once again swept by Kevin Foisy, who made a last minute flight up from North Carolina to take in Capital City Speedway. Kevin was there racing  and showing his superior driving abilities to some our neighbours down south. Kevin was there recently for the Summer Shootout held June 13th and 14th, and finished with the fastest time in qualifying and won the poll. Kevin then went on to win the feature. The next day he repeated the first day and won the feature as well. Kevin was interviewed by Speed TV for a fall program.

 Matt Haufe finished second with Chad Windsor, our current points leader, finishing a close third.

Mini Stock:

Heat #1 was won by Casey Cavanagh.
Heat # 2 was won by Shawn Ethier
The feature was won by Quincy Roberts who has rebounded from last week and has taken his first checkered flag in this class. The class act of the evening award goes to # 49 Casey Cavanagh and # 03 Chris MacDonald. Casey and Chris ended up in the wall together with Casey on the hook to the pits, and Chris not in much better shape. Things in the pits after something like that can be strenuous at the best of times, especially when there is some car carnage. I wish I had been there to see it, but the way it was explained to me was they both got out of their cars, walked over to each other and gave each other a hug. I am sure that it was a quick man hug, but a hug none the less. Sorry I need a moment..................... That, my friends is what racing is all about. Congratulations to both of them for showing us all how it should be done.

 Four For Fun:

Heat # 1 was won by Jason Moss
Heat # 2 was won by Mike Atwill.
The feature was won by Brooke Cordick who won her first feature of the year. I expect she might take a few more with the way she was driving last night. Even in the no contact Four For Fun Class there were a few bumps and bangs last night.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thanks to Everyone for a Great Fan Appreciation Night

I would like to thank all of the fans who came out to see us last night. It was nice to see a good turnout of fans to meet and greet with our drivers. Thanks, to all of our drivers who made Fan Appreciation Night special with all of their autograph cards, gifts and candy.

Please remember we will have another Fan Appreaciation Night August 24th brought to you by Green Ag and Turf.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Start Time for Tomorrow Night. 7:15 pm.

Please note we will be starting at 7:15 on July 6 in order to make sure we have plenty of time for Fan Appreciation Night. The Four for Fun class will start at 7:15 followed by the Late Models at 7:30.

We are expecting the rain to end in the afternoon tomorrow, if the weather people get it right, and should have a clear night.

Come on out and meet your favorite driver and see the cars up close. Fan appreciation night will be a blast for the whole family, and don't forget to bring out Grandma and Grandpa as well.

See you at the races.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

This Wednesday - Fan Appreciation Night

On July 6th, presented by Stittsville Trailers, will see our first of two Fan Appreciation Nights this year. If you want to get on the track at intermission and meet your favorite driver, or see your favorite car up close, this Wednesday is a must attend. We are hoping for favourable weather this week, and if we can get it, Wenesday Night will be one of the biggest nights this year.

Come on out and cheer on your favorite driver this week, at the place where excitement starts, Capital City Speedway.

See you at the races.

Great Racing continues at Capital City Speedway

If you were one of the fans who made it out for Myers Automotive Group Night this past Wednesday, you were witness to the great racing that seems to get better and better each and every week. If you had asked me last week, could it get even better, I would have said No. I was wrong, as the thrills, spills and chills continue each and every week.

After 4 races in, there has been new feature race winners in all classes but one, each week since Opening Night.  The return of Ricky Rump and Spencer MacPherson made things interesting in the Late Model Class. I would like to thank Brandon White who came down from Montreal with his Late Model. Unfortunately, they had some issues and we not able to make the Feature. ken Baird looked like to run away winner until a caution brought the class back together for a dash to the finish. Ken stayed in front and took his first feature win of 2011.

The Thiunder class was just as exciting as Mike Hennick showed why he should win some features this year running up front until something went wrong, leaving the door open for Dave Stinson to take his first feature win.

The Legends feature saw some great racing action with Matt Haufe leading most of the race when Chad Windsor snuck inside of him and lead for a few laps before the pass of the night with two laps to go when Matt Haufe passed Chad to take the lead again. I am still not sure what happened but Matt Haufe ended up taking his first win ever at Capital City Speedway.

The mini stock feature was won by long time racing enthusiast Tyler Cavanagh as he stood in for Derek Lamoureux. Tyler showed why he is considered a driver as he lead from the pole to take his first checkered of the year.

The Four for Fun class saw Rodney Dingwall take his second feature win of the year.

The intermission race between Thunder Cat and The Dawg was a bumper to bumper race for two laps
with Thunder Cat pulling out the last minute pass to take it at the checkered. The award ceremonies for Thunder went bad when the Dawg took out his frustration on Thunder. The ambulance had to come out and assess Thunder Cats condition. Unfortunately, they could not do anything as they are not Veterinarians. Thunder ended up getting up on his own. Thunder said he has nine lives minus one now.
I heard from 101.9 The Dawg and they have filed a grievance with management because at the beginning of the race, I had to put Thunder's car in gear for him. 101.9 The Dawg said that was interference by me and caused Dawg to lose the race as a result. We will keep you updated on events surrounding this inquiry.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Points Updated.

The points for June 29th have now been updated.