Friday, March 25, 2011

Legends meeting this Wednesday.

Please remember the Legends meeting will be held this Wednesday at 7:00 pm at Busters Bar and Grill.

New Larger Posters Available

We have new larger posters in stock that are 12" x 19" and are looking for a new home. If you would like to take some to display in a shop somewhere or know someone who will display it for you, please let me know and we will get them to you.

53 Colours signs back on a Thunder Title Rights Holder

We would like to welcome back the 53 Colours team for another year as the Thunder Car Title Rights Holder. 53 Colours is proud to house some of the finest equipment and technology to meet all of your sign and lettering needs. From tiny equipment labels and decals to monstrous highway billboards in full colour, they do it all. So if you are looking for a new sign, some new racing numbers, or a new car wrap, give 53 Colours a call. They are located at 380 Townline Road East, Carleton Place and can be reached at 613-253-5324.

Autovation signs on as Enduro Title Rights Holder

We are pleased to announce that Autovation signs on once again as the Enduro Title Rights Holder.
Autovation has been the Title Rights holder for a number of years and we are glad to have them back again. Autovation has been in the automotive service business since 2002 and has provided great service and exceptional value since then. With 8 bays and 5,000 square feet of garage space they have plenty of room to service your car. Autovation is a complete automotive service facility with all of the necessary equipment and diagnostic tolls to repair all makes and models. They are located 507-11 Sweetnam Drive in Stittsville. They can be reached at 613-831-8714

Friday, March 18, 2011

Myers Automotive Group signs on as a Title Rights Sponsor

Capital City Speedway is pleased to announce that the Myers Automotive Group will be a Title Rights Sponsor in 2011. Myers Motors has been around since 1942 and has since expanded from its GM roots and now offers VW and Hyundai.

Myers website can be found at Their website says it best;

Welcome to the Myers Automotive Group of dealers. Our commitment to offering you quality products through first-rate customer service begins with our convenient, informative and easy-to-use new websites, where you will find all the information you need on our quality cars, trucks and SUVs, and learn about the cutting-edge technologies which have been devoted to making this new generation of GM, Volkswagen and Hyundai vehicles the most eco-friendly and energy-efficient on the market today.
Combining our considerable resources means that we can offer you more – more products, more services, and more choice – and do it for less. Our experienced personnel invite you to come discover the professional and personalized service it is our pleasure and privilege to offer you.

If you are looking for a new or used vehicle, please take a moment and call Myers at 613-225-2277. You'll be glad you did.

You can ask for Jeremy Coulter, who is now working with the Myers Automotive Group in new and used vehicle sales.

"Please support those who support us"

Track News

Well, it seems that winter may be over or at least coming to an end. I was at the track last Saturday, and the track was completely covered with snow. Today, half of the track is visible and based on the weather forecast with little or no snow forecasted, we may see all of it by this time next week. It will most likely take several weeks for all of the water to dry up, as you need a truck or boat to get in to the track area now. Once every thing gets dried up we will be looking at opening up the track for practice. Stay tuned and hope for some nice warm, dry weather.

The renovations have started at Capital City Speedway and are now ongoing. I have stripped two of the Corporate Suites and have started to put them back together. Most of the things in the room that will become the Nostalgia Room have been removed and work will commence on that room hopefully next week.

I am pleased to announce that we will have a new Four for Fun Sponsor for 2011. Tune in next week for that announcement.

Lentech Motorsports is Open for Business

Lentech Motorsports has been renovating their new store over the past several weeks and are now ready to take your racing equipment and Legend part orders. The showroom is not quite finished yet, but well underway and the checkered flag is only weeks away. Lentech Motorsports will have a new retail showroom for all you Motorsports Apparel needs. This to go along with their Dyno service, engine building service, Legends Dealership and more. The store is located at 3835 McBean Street in Richmond.

If that  racing suit, shoes or helmet of yours have seen better days, then give Len a call at 613-838-5390, and he will take care of all your racing  needs.

Legends Drivers Meeting

The Legends drivers meeting will be held on Wednesday March 30. It will be held at Busters Bar and Grill located in the Lincoln Heights Mall on Carling Ave. The meeting will commence at 7:00 pm. If you like, you can join us for dinner at 6:00 pm.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Corporate Advertisers Wanted

If you own a business, or know someone who is looking to get involved with supporting local stock car racing, we would love to hear from you. Capital City Speedway is an excellent destination for your advertising dollar. You may review our Marketing Proposal on the Marketing Opportunities tab. We would be happy to meet with you and go over the many different options available to you.

Nostalgia Room Update

I would like to thank Derek May for his help in identifying one of the drivers from last weeks pictures. His name is Ivor Williams and he was the 1957 B Class Champion. I spoke with him earlier today, and tomorrow I am going to see him. He has a few older  pieces of memorabilia that he will let me take a look at for our Nostalgia room.

I would also like to thank Len Bertrand from Lentech Motorsports for his kind donation to our room.

Thunder and Late Model Drivers Meeting

We will be having the Thunder car and the Late Model meeting together this year. There are no changes to announce at this time to either class. We will discuss the new track rules and other issues at the meeting. The meeting will be held March 23rd at Busters Bar and Grill located at Linciln Heights. The meeting will start at 7:00 pm but you may join us for dinner at 6:00.

New Key Program for Season Track Rental and New Annual Rate

Capital City Speedway is pleased to announce that we will be introducing a new key program for season track rentals. The new rate for the Key Program will be $ 500.00 plus HST for the season. Multiple car teams can call me for rates. With your payment, you will be given a key for the track gate. You will be allowed to use the track as you wish during normal operating hours. We are looking at M to F - 10:00 a.m to Dusk. Saturday 10:00 am to Dusk and Sunday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. The season will start as soon as the track and in field are ready. The season will end September 30. The charge will apply for each registered car including the registered driver. Only registered cars and registered drivers will be allowed on the track. Allowances can be made but must be approved beforehand.  It will be only 1 car on the track at any one time, all safety gear required and you must have someone else present. You must notify us 24 hours prior to your arrival at the track, as this program is not an exclusive one, and we do not want you to go out and be disappointed.. There may be exclusive rentals which have been booked during certain times, and they will have priority.

Please note: We are waiting on final acceptance on this deal from the Insurance Company. At this point, we expect it to happen. This offer is being made because we respect the quality of individuals we have racing at CCS. I need to make this very clear, as it came directly from the Insurance Company. We will monitor this program on a spot check system. No alcohol or other, is allowed on the property at anytime, no unregistered drivers or vehicles are allowed on the track at anytime. Only 1 vehicle on the track at any time. This program is designed so you can go out and have fun in your race car and get some laps in. All key members, when at the track must supervise all other parties to make sure that no rules are broken by other members while at the track. I ask this because if you want this to remain a viable program we must have full cooperation from all key members.

Any failure to observe any of the rules will result in your removal from the property and the return of your key. There will be no reimbursement for your unused portion of the contract.

Friday, March 4, 2011

New Website Up and Running

Capital City Speedway is pleased to announce the new Capital City Speedway Website is up and running. It has been a long process to get it to this point, but I think it was worth the wait. I spent  a lot of hours researching the different race web sites all over North America. I was able to pick pieces of each website that I liked. I then designed a whole new site with all of the items I liked the best from each one. I sent over my rough design to Greg Calnan of Image Factor and he put all of it together and added his professional touch to it. We both agree that it turned out great and we hope you like it to.

Nostaglia Room Update

As you can see by the pictures on the new website we are gathering some really great pictures for the Nostaglia Room. We are not yet close to where we need to be to really make this room work. We have been able to pick up a few really old pictures, and a few more recent pictures, but I would love to see if we can get anything from the 60's and even the 70's. We still are looking for any film footage that someone might have from any era. I know there have been some guys who have put in car camera's in a few nights, and someone must have old camcorder, perhaps even a beta tape lying around. I would only be so lucky if someone actually had and old movie reel. All of these formnats can be quickly converted to disc, so if you have anything we would love to make a copy and return the original to you. We are still looking for old programs, trophies and memorabilia items for display. These type of objects will be placed in showcases so they will not get damaged.
I would like to thank Gord Barnes for his donation of some great pictures and Leona Starky for bringing in some pictures on behalf of David M. from the Ottodrome era.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Thunder Car getting ready to challenge for Championship

Dan Price has sent over a picture of his Pontiac undergoing some major changes to get ready for his run for the Championship. The car has a new clip, and is awaiting its new engine. Everything from the footbox forward will be replaced. You keep up to date with Dan, his progress, team news and up to the minute race reports at twitter@danpriceracing

Mini Stock Meeting in the Books.

The Mini Stock meeting was very well attended at Buster's Bar and Grill on Wednesday Night. The meeting went well with discussions on new rules and some new decisions on how to police the class. There were discussions on the new spec tire, new racing rules, new points rule, and introduction of a new horsepower to weight ratio being set for the class. The progress made last night to the mini stock class was long in coming but I know we are headed in the right direction. The only way to completely fix all of the issues with the class is to go with a Neon Mini Stock class. We are not prepared to do that at this point, due to the cooperation and understanding of all of the drivers who attended this meeting. We cannot address every issue, but we can get close and I think that is what we have done together. I want to thank every driver there for their input and
help with trying to make the class fair and fun.

A summary of meeting is as follows:

1. Spec Tire - For 2011 drivers may use either the Falcon Azena, the Azena K or the Goodyear tire. It is our intention to go with only the Goodyear for 2012.

2. Rookies and others will be put to the back until Tim is satisfied there are competent to move up.

3. New spin rule for top three - offender goes to the back - driver in front gets his spot back.

4. Line ups - We will pull pill for starting position for heat 1, reverse order for 2nd heat, and for feature we will invert field by points with the Rookies and others starting behind the points leaders.

5. Points Championship will be based on all races completed, minus 1 race which will be your mulligan. If you missed a race for whatever reason, take your mulligan. Missed the feature due to car issues, take your mulligan. No bonus points awarded this year for perfect attendance.

Rule Changes for 2011:

1. All cars will be dynoed at Lentech Motorsports prior to the start of the 2011 season. Based on the result of your H.P rating you will be assigned a new weight for your car. The H.P/ weight ratio has not been decided on at this point. There will be a minimum weight set for some vehicles. After you have your numbers set, we will put several seals on the car and your weight requirement will be on your windshield. If you make changes to your car that affect H.P, you will be required to have your car dynoed at your cost ( $ 100.00 ) to reset your numbers. CCS reserves the right to re-inspect any car at anytime, and if we check you numbers and they do not match with a 5% margin of error, you will be disqualified and lose all points up to the date. You will be fined $ 200.00 which must be paid before you come back. Any driver may challenge another drivers numbers and have them sent back to the dyno with a deposit of $ 200.00. If found illegal, you will be reimbursed. If found not illegal, you will lose your $ 200.00.

2. All cars now have the right to change or modify your existing ECU unit. Once you have your car dynoed, you will not be allowed to change it. If you change it, you must return to the dyno before coming out to race.
The only exception to the rule is that if a car blows an engine and did not have time to have the car dynoed again prior to  the next race night, a 1 week extension will be considered. It must be discussed with me prior to your arrival on Wednesday Night.

All other rules in the rule book still apply.We will keep you updated if threre are any other changes.