Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Racing Tonight. YES. ( until Further Notice )

We are watching the weather forecasts now and from what we can see the rain should clear out later this afternoon around 4:00 pm. It is not going to be sunny and hot but I know the racing will be. Grab that extra sweater and coat and come on out. Isn't that part of being Canadian, living life to the fullest regardless of what Mother Nature or Old Man Winter brings us.

Due to the radar readings and to the fact that it is supposed to clear up later in the day, we are still a go at this point and will not make any changes until late this afternoon.  If things change we ntify you on this website.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weatherman says Wednesday Night is a Go.

If all predictions are right, and they are not trying to pull my chain, like they seem to do everyday as they keep changing forecasts from one day to the next, Wednesday Night is a go. This week we will have the return of Ricky Rump, Spencer MacPherson and hopefully a couple more Late Models. I spoke with a Late Model driver from Montreal today who said he was coming down to give Cap City a try tomorrow night as well. We will have the largest Late Model field so far this year, along with another Mini Stock driver to return as well. The Four for Fun class will be increased by at least one, as our first rental car makes its way onto the track. Our first Driver is celebrating his 50th birthday and was a present to him by his lovely wife. Happy Birthday and remember turn left.

The battle of the mascots during intermission should be quite entertaining, as we will find out if it will be the DAWG chasing the cat or the other way around. Las Vegas has set the odds at a dead heat and the bet line is 50/50. Come on out and cheer on your favorite mascot.

Plenty of door prizes for the kids tomorrow along with free entrance for children under 12. ( front gate only ) Don't forget about our family packages starting from only $ 25.00.

If you are thinking of coming out sometime this summer, you better think twice about missing this Wednesday Nights Festivities. It will be a blast with a couple of bangs, spinners,rockets and cascading stars sometime during the night.

Come one, come all for the biggest night so far this year.

See you at the races.

Spencer McPherson back tomorrow Night

The McPherson Late Model team will be back tomorrow making its 2011 debut. Look for an exciting Late Model  race to happen at Capital City Speedway. They were out practicing yesterday after getting their Late Model back together again after a crash in the Castrol Series weeks ago which heavily damaged the car.

Demolition Derby Cancelled for Wednesday - Regular show still a go

Due to low car count the Demolition Derby will be cancelled. Our full regular night show including the Mascot race is still on. Join us for some exciting racing action tomorrow night.

See you at the races.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Rick Rump to return this Wednesday

Al Dickie, the car owner of the # 88 Late Model, has asked Ricky Rump to drive his Late Model this week. Ricky has agreed to drive this week for him so things should be a little more exciting than normal.
It has been a two year layoff for Ricky so we shall see if there is a little rust on his driving abilities. So if you are a Ricky Rump fan, come on out this Wednesday and cheer him on.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Thunder Cat and The Dawg settle things Wednesday June 29th.

I decided to bring Thunder Cat down to 101.9 The Dawg FM today to do some joint promotional work and to say things didn't go well would be an understatement. Thunder Cat really started things off on the wrong paw, laughing at the picture of The Dawg on the car saying, "He sure is an old Dawg". Thunder Cat carried on saying they should change the name to 101.9 The Cat as he is far more sexier. "Look" said Thunder Cat, "The Dawg can't even stop taking his eyes off my butt. Thunder showed why he should be their mascot as well as he showed off some of his photogenic qualities for the camera.Thunder Cat wanted to take the truck out for a spin, but alas, The Dawg had seen just about enough and would not let Thunder Cat go and asked Thunder to get out of the truck.Things went from bad to worse at that point. After the standoff, Thunder Cat told The Dawg; " Don't make me use my Karate on you". By now the Dawg was ready to make Thunder feel the Blues, and showed he still has some bite left in him. They went back and forth at each other until security arrived and pulled them apart. They looked like drivers in the pits after a feature race. That was when Thunder Cat came up with the idea. They will have a race this Wednesday to settle it like animals.

So Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, Cat and Dog Lovers alike. This Wednesday at intermission, Thunder Cat and The Dawg will have a two lap race on the track. To the winner goes the bragging rights and the Loser, the dog house, I mean second place.

This will be once in a lifetime event, or until the rematch. Don't miss it, be there. Unless, you are there to cheer on The Dawg.

Four for Fun Rental Car is a BIG Hit

Sometimes when you try something you never know how it is going to turn out. Kinda like leasing a racetrack and six weeks in, having only three race nights and three rain outs, Stanley Cup playoffs every Wednesday Night and then having a game 7 on the one of the nicest Wednesday Nights so far this summer. Anyway some how I have gotten off the subject. We had a post about our upcoming Four for Fun Rental Program and the inquiries I have had about it show there is people still interested in Stock Car Racing. I have received numerous calls and our first rental will happen this week. It was a 50th birthday gift from his wife. We do have tentative bookings already for the next two weeks.

We will have J Man from 101.9 The Dawg coming out next week to take our car out for a spin as well. I will be doing a live broadcast at the Dawg talking about Capital City Speedway and we wanted J Man to get a taste of it first.

Late Model Fact or Fiction

There has been some speculation that we will have at least 1 new Late Model out this Wednesday, with the possibility of two more for Myers Motors Night.

The Al Dickie owned # 88 Late Model may have a new driver this week. He has been a regular Late Model driver in the past at CCS and it is rumoured we may see him back as a regular this year with a new car.

Open Practice on Monday

We will have the track open on Monday from 4:00 pm to dusk for practice. Cost will be $ 25.00 and will be single car only.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Volunteers needed Sunday at the track

I am looking for a few volunteers to help get some things done at the track on Sunday. I will be there around 11:00 and if you can come by and spend and hour or so helping out would be appreciated. The front entrance way into the track has some trees that have fallen as a result of the last windstorm and need to be removed. I am looking for a couple of lumberjacks to give me a hand and cut these down. If you have a chainsaw and know how to use it, I could use your help. No chainsaw, thats OK to, I need someone to drag the branches back into the bush.

The grandstand in corner two still needs to be painted. We have plenty of paint and rollers, we just need someone to use them.

We have a lawn tractor that needs a driver to tidy up the parking lot weeds, and a whipper snipper that needs an operator.

We have some parking lot cement blocks between the pit booth and beer garden that could use a coat of paint.

Any and all volunteers would be appreciated.

Volunteers may bring their cars out to the track on Sunday for practice. After your volunteer work has been completed you can practice for free. Work an hour, get an hour of practice free.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hall of Fame voting coming to a close. Vote Now

As mentioned in an earlier post we are taking votes from you to determine who will be the first inductees into the Capital City Speedway Hall of Fame. There is no nomination process you just havge to send over your entries into the Hall of Fame and these will be counted as your vote as well.

There will be four inductees this year. Two in the Builders Class ( this is not limited to car builders but builders of the sport of stock car racing in Ottawa ) and two inductees in the Drivers category.

Time is running out and the voting process will close June 30th.

Please email our office at to have your vote counted.

New Demolition Derby Rule Change

There has been a change in regards to the location of the fuel tank. If the fuel tank is located before the rear axle it does not need to be removed and moved into the back seat area. This should make preparing your Deby Car much faster. The windshield may be left in the car.

Please feel free to call the office if you have any further questions.

Demolition Derby June 29th - Pre Register Now

We do require all Demolition Cars to pre register now in an effort to find out if we have enough of a car count to put on a show. We will require a minimum of 6 or 8 cars to sign up prior to Sunday June 25. If we do not have enough cars, the Derby will be cancelled until the next scheduled date.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hot Wheels Live at CCS

Yesterday I met with Kimberly from Hot Wheels Live. She wanted to do some commentary for her show on at the racetrack. One thing led to another and I ended up doing a interview for them and they took footage of my Legend Car on the track. It sure was nice turning some laps again. Anyway, we will advertise the link when Capital City Speedway goes online with Hot Wheels.

I have asked Hot Wheels to come back and do another story about Capital City Speedway, and our early discussions were positive. Stay tuned and we will advise you of our discussions with them.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Capital City Speedway Fans as far away as Australia.

I received an email from a long term fan who has been in Australia since 1963. He writes;

Hi ,

Here I sit in my lounge room in Melbourne Australia . My family moved here in 1963 and have been here since. I have often thought of the early days of stock car racing in Ottawa. Looking through old stuff that one keeps for what ever reason. I came across photos taken at Lansdowne Park in 1959 that were cut from the programs and the local newspaper. I have kept them all these years and thought of the days when I went with my dad to watch my Hero's race around that tiny track. Going through the pits getting autographs and smelling the hot engines that had fought battles lap after lap. The names of drivers John Derby,Dany McLellan,Buck Holiday, G.Ritchie, Stu Trudel and more. We used to travel down to Oswego Raceway at least once a year as well. I thought that a quick flick through Google would result in more photos. I have been a car fan all these years but without ever a proper garage I never pursued those dreams of a Hot Rod of my own.

Although I still build plastic models -

That is the reason that led me to this web site as I thought I would re-create one of those racers from the past times in Ottawa. So having just read the story of how Lansdowne Park closed and of course the emergence of Capital City Speedway.

My dad and I were some of the first to be there on opening night 50 years ago of which I still have my Lifetime Membership card tucked away in the Attic somewhere . I believe mine is number 11. I doubt if I will get to use it again but one never knows.

Just thought I'd let you know that I been through this web site and its great to see that there is documentation of those early days when the racers were truly brave drivers with very little if any safety protection other than a silly little helmet and very flimsy roll cage if that.

Thanks for the memories.

John Templin
38 Lingwell Road
Hawthorn East , Victoria.
Australia 3123

Exciting Racing Action at CCS

If you decided to fore go Capital City Speedway and stay home and watch the hockey game, well you watched  a boring game, and missed the most exciting racing action we have seen this year. It was nice to see we had 5 new feature winners this week. 

Heat winners in Late Model were Tim Kirby and Steve Munro with Dave Baldwin taking the feature.
Heat winners in Legends were Chad Windsor and Matt Haufe with Chad Windsor taking the feature.
Heat winners inThunder were Ken Sproule and Todd Musker with Greg Ogilvie taking the feature. The race of the night had to be Ken Sproule and Greg Ogilvie in the Thunder Class feature. Ken and Greg battled side by side for most of the race with Greg taking the lead. Ken almost passed him again with a couple of laps to go, but Greg shut the door on him taking his first feature win of the year.
Heat winners in Mini Stock were Quincy Roberts and Derek Lamoureux with Kyle Chartrand taking his first feature of the year.
Heat winners in Four for Fun were Brooke Cordick and Malcolm MacDonald with AJ Dickie taking the feature.

What was great to see in all classes but one, was different winners in each heat and features. That will make for some exciting racing each and every week.

Enduro Results Posted

Finishing Laps Payout
Position Car #  Name      Cylinders    Down Position

1. 06 Brian Sehl                 4               0      1st
2. 13 Todd Musker             8               0      1st
3. 6 Terry McClelland        8               1       2nd
4. 35 Lee O'Neil                4               1       2nd
5. 2010 Scotty Behm          8              2       3rd
6. 42 Andrew Reid              8              2
7. 29 Tyson Slinger            4              5      3rd
8. 71 Jamie O'Toole           6
9. 21 Marty Kovacs             6
10. 73 Shawn Trofimczuk   4              7
11. 01 Derek Lamoureux      8              8
12. 76 Earl Wylie                8              8
13. 253 Mike Davey             8             9
14. 12M Jason Moss            4              9
15. 3 Nick Delorenzi            8             21
16. 24 Ron Radford             4             25
17. 8 Dave Rose                   8             27
18. 49/911 Casey Cavanagh   8            41
19. 1 Robert Broom               8            64
20. 31 Matt Cuthbertson      8             70
21. 15 Jeremy Severin          8              5
22. 89 Jason Grenier                           93
23. 007 Dale Brown 8 46 no sheet handed in
24. 43 Terry Scott 93 no sheet handed in

Car Show Volunteers Needed

I have been doing a number of shows recently and have found that this is a great way to promote our product at Capital City Speedway. When people have an opportunity to see stock cars close up, it generates an immediate response and interest. I would like to continue doing as many car shows as we can and would like to see some new cars come out and participate.

Tuesday is the Hazeldean Car Show Series located at the Hazeldean Mall.

Thursday is the Ottawa Firefighters Cruise Night at Lincoln Heights Mall.

Friday's are a great spot to be at the Zellers parking lot on Merivale. I was there last night until 12:30 this morning showing my car and the response was great.

I and working on a couple of other locations as well, and will publish those when they are confirmed. If you have others that woudl like to have a car at, please let me know and we can request cars to be there.

Points are now up.

Results are now posted from the June 15 night of racing.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We are Racing Tonight

I got a call from someone asking me if we will be racing tonight even though there is a game 7 tonight. This is race season and hockey should have ended months ago, so come out out and see the best racing Capital City Speedway has to offer. 100 Lap ( or less - time permitting ) enduro is scheduled for tonight on top of our regular classes. We will keep you aprised of the score in tonights hockey game in case you want to know.

Pitter Patter, Lets get at her.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pre-Register for the Enduro and save $ 10.00

Pre register for the enduro on Wednesday and save $ 10.00. Please email you name, car description,car number and main sponsor on the car. Please note that a scorer is required for the car. You can email the information to or fax to 613-727-4399.

All cars that are not pre-registered will pay $ 50.00 at the gate. Pre registered cars will pay $ 40.00.

Payout - over 20 cars.

8 Cylinder - $ 250.00 to win, $ 100.00 for second, $ 40.00 for third

4 Cylinder - $ 150.00 to win, $75.00 for second, $ 40.00 for third.

Under 20 cars over 15 cars:

8 cylinder - $ 200.00, $ 75.00, $ 30.00
4 cylinder - $ 150.00, $ 50.00, $ 20.00

Under 15

8 cylinder - $ 150.00 to win
4 cylinder - $ 100.00 to win

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Four For Fun Rental Car now Available

We are pleased to announce that CCS now has a Four For Fun car available for nightly rental. All you need to go racing will be provided including Suit, Helmet,Gloves and practice time prior to the nights racing schedule. The car is a standard, and driving experience in a car is required. The cost for the nightly rental is $ 500.00. IF you bring the car back the way it was given to you, you will be refunded
$ 250.00. We have one car available now with more to follow.

Don't want to race but would like to turn a few laps to see what it is like? We can arrange for a private race experience for you. Rates available for serious inquiries. We do have an automatic available for the private experience.

For inquiries please call the office at 613-723-RACE.

100 Lap Enduro this Wednesday Night. NEW START TIME THIS WEEK

We will have our second Enduro this Wednesday Night, June 15th. In order to make sure we leave enough time for our Enduro to run we will be moving up the start time to 7:15. The four for fun class will start the night with their first heat at the new time with the Late Models starting their heat race at 7:30 sharp. Our intermission will be kept to 15 minutes with the Four for Fun Cars starting their Feature race exactly 15 minutes after the intermission started.

We are pleased to hear from a few new Enduro drivers this week, so be prepared for a great Enduro race.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Enduro Results Posted.



FINISHING                                                                             4 OR 8                   # OF LAPS

POSITION           CAR#          NAME                            CYLINDERS           COMPLETED          Score Sheets handed in

1.                           3                 NICK DELALEWZI         8                           30                         YES

1.                           13                TODD MUSKER              4                           30                         YES

2.                          2010            SCOTTY BEHM               8                           30                         YES

2.                          24               RON RADFORD              4                           30                         YES

3.                          15                CURTIS BERGERON       4                           30                         YES

4                           35               LEE O’NEIL                    4                           30                         YES

5.                          71                QUINCY ROBERTS         4                           28                         YES

6.                          71X             WESLEY WALLIN          8                           28                         YES

7.                          6                 TERRY MCCLELLAND      8                           28                         YES

8.                          49/911         CASEY CAVANAUGH      8                           28                         YES

9.                          42               ANDREW REID                                           28                         YES

10.                         8X               DAVE ROSE                    8                           28                         YES

11.                         73               KYLE BRENTNELL                                       27                         YES

12.                         253             MIKE DAVEY                                               26                         YES

13.                         007             DALE BROWN (LIMO)    8                           25                         YES

14.                         8                 GREG SCHROEDER         8                           23                         YES

15.                         06               BRIAN SEHL                  4                           22                         YES

16.                         24               KYLE YOUNG                  4                           22                         YES

17.                         73               SHAWN TROFINCZUK   4                           15                          YES

18                         644             ROBERT HILL                                              0                           YES

19.                         12M             JASON MOSS                4                           30                         NO

20                         01                                                                                   27                         NO

21.                         31                MATT CUTHBERTSON                                7                           NO

22.              GENERAL LEE       DEREK LAMOUREUX                                                                NO

Rain Out Procedures already changed for the better.

As a result of our rain out notification process not working at its best this week, we have already made changes to improve it. Unfortunately, you don't know that something is not going to work until you try and use it. For the first rain out, which was called many hours before race time, the system we had in place worked fine. When we were forced to cancel much later in the day, that process did not work very well.

We have made changes to make things work much better. We have programmed our answering machine so we can make changes to it from a remote location. We will have internet at the track so we can make web page updates on a moments notice. Once we have internet at the track we can notify 101.9 The DawgFM about rain outs as they happen, so they can advise fans and drivers accordingly on the air.

We hope these changes will make our notification process better, so we can get the information out as quickly as possible. We hope we do not have test the new process for the rest of the season.

Thank you for your understanding and your patience as we try to make Capital City Speedway the best that it can be.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Calling Future Rain Outs ( Hopefully there will not be any )

Tonight we could have done a much better job informing people about the cancellation of tonights races. Everytime we experience something new at the track, we learn from it, and tonight we learned that we need to improve our notification process. On opening night, May 18th, we ended up cancelling much earlier than today and that process worked quite well. We need to work on that process when the call is made much later in the day. The information that we gathered today will help us get better in this process if there is a next time. My apologies to those individuals who were inconveinanced tonight by our lack of proper and timely notification method(s). We will not make the same mistake twice. Thank you for your patience and we hope to see you all again next week.

Can anyone say DejaVu?

Four weeks into the schedule and only  two races in the books. Can you say DejaVu. It is frustrating to everyone associated with the track, Racers, Fans and Management alike, when you start to see a pattern with Mother Nature. I can only hope that we have seen the last of our rain outs for 2011. Here's hoping that next week brings us a little sunshine so we can all do what we love to do.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Car Show Volunteeers

We are looking for cars to do a couple of shows next week. We would like to have some representation at the Hazeldean Car Show series on Tuesday at the Hazeldean Mall from 4:30 to 9:00

I am going down to St. Michaels School Carnival on Thursday June 9th from 4:30 to 7 pm. On Corkery Road off of March Road.

Busters Bar and Grill is having their Car Show Series on Thursday June 9 from 4:30 to 9 pm located at Lincoln Heights on Carling Ave.

Please let me know if you can attend any of these shows with your car.

Winners from June 1.

Another great night in the books as we continue to see great racing ans some new faces in the winners circle. Tim Kirby took the 07 Late Model win with a good lead coming around corner #4 to take the checkered flag. The # 88 car again this week took a hard hit to the front end after colliding with the # 2 car of Ken Baird in corner number 3. Al Dickie of the # 88 car said it will be back for next week. Jeremy Coulter should have his Late Model for for next week increasing this class by at least 1.

Todd Musker took the checkered once again making him two for two and putting himself atop the leader board again this week. Todd will be going for the three peat this week with a number of Thunder Cars trying to make sure that this does not happen.

Kevin Foisy showed once again how how to put his car in victory lane for consecutive wins as  well. Kevin Foisy is heading down to Charlotte, NC for the Summer Series at Charlotte Speedway for the next two weeks, so we will have a new winner in the Legends Class this week. There will be an exciting feature this week as there are a few contenders ready to step up to take the win. Matt Mould seems to be hitting his stride, Matt Haufe is not to be counted out with his strong showings over the last two weeks, and out track champion from last year, Chad Windsor, will most certainly giving it his best shot as he will try to take his first checkered this year as well.

Kyle Baker had a strong performance this week taking his first checkered of the season. Based on his win we may see more of Kyle in the winners circle before the year is out.

Rodney Dingwall took his first win as a rookie this year. The four for fun class this year is very competitive with a number of strong runners. Al Dickie ran up front for most of the night with another one of our rookies, Braydon Oakley who has showed he can run up front.

Come join us next week as the racing and rivalries just keep getting better week after week.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Points Updated.

Please note the points for Wednesday June 1st have been posted.