Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Summer Slam Title Rights Still For Sale.

Is your company looking to do something special with your advertising dollars. Then look no further because the Title Rights for Summer Slam may be just what you are looking for. If you would like more details on this exciting opportunity, please call Todd at 613-723-7223.

Drift Night this Thursday

Our drift nights have been a great success since we started them 4 weeks ago, and we will have them again this Thursday. Drifting starts at 7:30 and will go until 10:30. The number of drifters varies each week but last week we had the most we have had this year and the show was great. We expect about he same number of cars this week so if you are interested in seeing drifting up close, then make your way down to CCS this Thursday. Entry cost is only $ 5.00

Three Class Championships are still up for Grabs.Tonight is a must see.

Coming into the last points race of the season there are still three Championships up for grabs.
The Late Model class will see Steve Munro and Justin Holtom battle it out to see who will win for 2011. The Mini Stock's will see Kyle Baker and Casey Cavanagh duke it out to the bitter end for the bragging rights for 2011. The Thunder class comes down to Dave Stinson and Greg Ogilvie. Dave has a slight lead going in and will have to have one of his better races tonight to seal the deal. These three races tonight will be a must see. Make sure you are there to see it all happen.

The Four for Fun Class Champion for 2011 will be Brooke Cordick and the Legends Champion for 2011 will be Matt Haufe. Congratulations to both of you on a job well done.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Back to School Night this Wednesday

I can't believe it when my kids are getting ready to go back to school in a week from now. Where has the summer gone? We have tried to pack so much in in such a short period of time and I guess that is why it seems so fast. This Wednesday Night gives you one more chance to bring your family out to the races before our season ending show September 10th.

This Wednesday Night is our Back to School Night which means that all children under the age of 12 get in for free. Yes you heard it right Free. So bring out your children, maybe throw in the neighbours children as well, no matter how many you bring, if they are 12 and under they get in for FREE.

Regular Season Tickets good for this week only.

If you have any tickets left over for CCS and want to get in for free with use of these tickets, you must use them for this coming Wednesday night show.

Any tickets that are left over after Wednesday night may be applied to the purchase of September 10th tickets. If you have an adult pass and want to use it on September 10th, we will apply the value of
$ 13.00 towards the cost of a new ticket. Children passes will be accepted with an additional cost of
$ 5.00 . Any pit passes will be applied to the new cost of the pit tickets.

All persons who have a season pass will not have to pay.

Monster Truck Rides added to the September 10th Show.

Soul Collector has been added to the Saturday September 10 show. Soul Collector is a Monster Truck but what is different about this truck is that it has 6 seats in it. Soul Collector will be taking kids for a ride through the bush at a cost of $ 10.00 per child. Rides will start at 2:00 and go on throughout the day and into the early evening. This is one of the very few times this opportunity will happen, so make sure you come on out and go for a ride.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fan Appreciation Night a Big Hit

Fan Appreciation Night was another success with all of our great fans coming out to see all of our stock cars up close and personal.

The racing night was great but a little unlucky for some. The #9 Thunder car of Lori Mitchell put on a great show winning her first heat of the season and was on her way to her first ever feature win, but lost her brakes with only a few laps to go. Bob Williams had a great showing and has put his car on the right path to making some waves in the Thunder class down the road. The win was taken by Todd Musker who has shown all season long that the 13 Thunder Car owned by Todd Fletcher is a good one.

The Four for Fun class was won by the 82 car of AJ Dickie, driven this night by Brian Sehl. AJ is still a little sore after putting his old car in the wall last week. Congrats to that team for putting a new car together in a few days to make it back to the track. The new 82 sure is a pretty car and it will be great to se AJ back in it next week

The Mini Stock class still has a a champion uncrowned going into the final week of the regular season with Casey Cavanagh and Kyle Baker fighting it out for top spot. The feature was won this week by Cory Wilson who made it to the winners circle for the first time this year.

The Legend class saw Steve Cantrell power his way to another win with Kevin Foisy and Matt Haufe hot on his tail. The car count was up this week and expect it to remain high over the next two weeks.

Shawn Kennedy made it to the winners circle for the first time this year with a great performance. The battle for the championship will come down to this week between Steve Munro and Justin Holtom who are separated by only 6 points.

Don't miss the final week of regular season racing coming this Wednesday.

Points Now Updated.

Points have now been updated for the August 24th race.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Points are now updated.

Points for the August 17th race have now been posted. Sorry for the delay, but we had to review some issues before they were posted.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Strongco Night turns out to be our biggest of the year

It is amazing what can happen at Capital City Speedway when Mother Nature gives us a clear warm night. Strongco Night saw our best attendance of the year and turned out to be an exciting night for many different reasons.

The Uniglass Ziebart Car Show Series hosted by Larry Way came back to CCS after a 1 year layoff and showed us they love coming to CCS. We had 55 cars come out and showed off their great looking cars on the track during intermission. You would have thought that we had the drag strip open again after a couple of lengthy burnouts by a couple of hot looking Barracuda's owned by a father and son team. In speaking with Larry, they all had a great time being back at CCS and we fully expect to see them back again next year. Thanks again go out to Larry Way for agreeing to come this year to CCS and to Wayne Young for helping get Larry and the car show series back. We will see you all again next year.

Thursday morning I got a call from a lady who told me a wonderful story. Her son is a regular at CCS and has been trying to get her out to CCS for several years now. Unfortunately, she was recently diagnosed with cancer and her chemotherapy schedule had her in on Wednesday's which made her normally too sick and too tired to attend. She wanted to come to the show so badly she made arrangements to change her chemotherapy schedule so she would be able to come down last Wednesday. She said she was so happy to finally get out to the track that she was crying like a baby in the line up outside the track. She made it through the lengthy program on Wednesday and said she had the time of her life and is going to keep the new schedule so she can come back again this week. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I apologize to her as I did not get her name, and from the excited tone of her voice, I think she forgot to tell me. CCS wishes you all the best in your battle with your cancer and we all hope you will get to come back and see us again for many, many years to come.

I would like to thank JR Fitzpatrick, Dave Connelly and Patrick Burke from the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series for coming down to the track on Wednesday. Dave Connelly brought us down his car and had it on display at the front gate, and did a few hot laps for us at intermission. His stay with us was short as the car had to get on its way to Montreal for the big race this weekend. JR Fitzpatrick was scheduled to run Mike Hennink's Thunder Car but unfortunately JR blew it up in practice. Nolan Gould, one of our Mini Stock drivers, offered up his car for JR to drive for the night. JR said he has never had the opportunity to race a front wheel drive car before but it didn't take too long for him to work it all out. JR showed his driving abilities and won the feature race. We will work on this again next year and try to make it even bigger and better.

If you were at CCS on Wednesday night you would have witnessed one of our Four for Fun drivers, AJ Dickie, take a hard lick into the wall during the feature race. The ambulance was out on the track for a while giving him medical attention on the infield. AJ Dickie was then taken to hospital for observation and was admitted. They kept him there until today and he was released this afternoon. I have spoken with AJ and Al Dickie (his Father) and they have started building a new car for him. Watch for his new car over the next two weeks.

I would like to thank all of our first time guests, as we had many new people out to watch. I hope you all had a great time and we hope to see you all again very soon.

Thanks go out to STRONGCO for their support this year on putting on a great night of entertainment for all to see. We hope to see you back with us again next year.

Regional National Legends Qualifier set for September 10th.

This year our National Regional Legends Qualifier will be held September 10th at Summer Slam. We will crown our regional winners who win the qualifiers for the National Race in the Legends Pro Class,  Semi Pro and the Masters Division.

The 20th Annual Asphalt Nationals will be held at the Bullring in Las Vegas October 26th to the 29th.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Enduro Points from August 10th


                                                                                                                             SHEET                                      PAGE 1

CAR #                     NAME                             LAPS DOWN         CYL             HANDED IN  
1.         76               EARL WYLIE                            0                 8                           YES     1ST

2.         73               SHAWN TROFIMCZUK            0                 4                           YES     1ST

3.         6                 TERRY MCCLELLAND               0                 8                           YES     2ND

4.         3                 NICK DE LORENZI                  1                  8                           YES     3RD

5         68.5            GILLES MELANSON                1                  8                  

6.         120              DAVE QUINTON                     2                 4                           YES     2ND

7.         8M              DAVE ROSE                             2                 8                           YES

8.         123              JAKE QUINTON                     3                 8                           YES

9.         8                 GREG MCINTOSH                    4                 8                           YES

10.       19                MATTA ANDERSON                5                 8                           YES

11.        253             MIKE DAVEY                            5                 8                           YES

12.       2010            SCOTTY BEHM                         5                 8                           YES

13.       115              CURTIS BERGERON                 5                 4                           YES     3RD

14.       26               CALEB DYKSTRA                      6                 4                           YES

15.       8                 GREG SCHRODER                     7                 8                           YES

16.       114              LEE BARNES                            9                 8                           YES

17.       13                TODD MUSKER                        10                8                           YES

18.       13                MARIO JEAN LOUIS              10                8                           YES

19.       122              MJ LALONDE                          25               4                           YES

20.       41                DAVID SMITH                         26                                            YES

21.       53               ANDREW MIELKE                    33               4                           YES

22.       97               CHRIS LALANDE                     37               8                           YES

23.       71                JAMIE O’TOOLE                     42               4                           YES

24.       001              ERIC JEAN LOUIS                  43               8                           YES

25.       121              RODNEY LEGERE                     44               4                           YES



                                                                                                                             SCORE SHEET                             PAGE 2

CAR #                     NAME                             LAPS DOWN         CYL             HANDED IN  PAYOUT

26        29               LINDSAY BECKWITH              57               4                           YES

27.       1                  PIERRE LADOUCEUR                                   4                           NO

28.       01                JULIO PASINETTI                                     8                           NO

29.       3                 CURTIS HUNT                                                                         NO

30.       3A               NICK DENRENCI                                        8                           NO

31.       007             DALE BROWN                                             8                           NO

32        13                DEREK LAMOUREUX                                   8                           NO

33.       15                JEREMY SEVERIN                                                4                           NO

34.       49               DAVE SMITH                                              8                           NO

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Donations for the Sproule Family

Please note that CCS will be collecting donations tomorrow night in support of the Sproule Family. All cheques may be made payable to Capital City Speedway. All monies collected will be forwarded to the Sproule Family.

Ken Sproule has been a respected driver at this track for many years and has never asked for anything in return. That is the kind of man Ken Sproule was and his love for the sport and his contributions to Capital City Speedway will not be forgotten.

I thank you in advance for any donation you can make to help get his family through this very tough time. 

Ken Sproule's Funeral Arrangements and other details

Ken Sproule's arrangements are as follows:
Daley Funeral Home
6971 Bank Street
Highway 31, Metcalfe, ON

Visitation Thursday evening 7-9 pm

Visitation Friday 9-11 am and Funeral to follow at 11:00 a.m.
Donations to the Family may be made in lieu of flowers.
The Sproule Family has asked me to hold off on any memorial service at the track until September 10. A memorial service and a fundraiser will be held on September 10th. All proceeds will be going to the Sproule Family.
#99 memorial car decals will be available to all drivers coming this Wednesday courtesy of Dave Waite. All drivers are asked to make a donation when picking up the decals. All funds collected will be going to the Sproule Family.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Capital City Speedway loses one of its own.

It is with a heavy heart that we inform you that Capital City Speedway has lost one of its best. Ken Sproule passed away last night as a result of an automobile accident. CCS and all of its drivers, and fans would like extend our condolences to the Sproule Family. Ken was a great man and one of our most respected drivers and a friend to all.  He will be greatly missed.

We will pass along the arrangements once they become available.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

"Higher Education" Monster Truck here September 10th

We are pleased to announce that Higher Education will be coming to CCS September 10 replacing Iron Warrior. Come on out and see the Yellow School Bus crush some cars.


Points Now Updated

Points are now up to date including August 10th.

With only three weeks to go the battles for all class champions are still up for grabs. Brooke Cordick in the Four for Fun class has the biggest lead, but will need to finish all three weeks in order to take the championship. The Late Model class lead by Steve Munro has a three point lead over Justin Holtom and it will be a race to the finish. The Thunder class is lead by Ken Sproule over Dave Stinson by only 12 points. Dave will have to finish strong the rest of the season and Ken will have to keep doing what he has done so far this season, and that is finish near or at the top each week to keep the lead. The Legends class has been and up and down affair this year with Chad Windsor on top with a meagre 9 point lead. This is far from being decided yet. Stay Tuned. Shawn Ethier has only the slightest of breathing room leading Kyle Baker, and his little Honda that could, by 13 points.

The next three races will decide it all for all of our competitors this year as September 10th is not a points race. Come on out and cheer for your favorite driver and see who will come out on top for 2011.

See you at the races.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bad News for CCS - Good News for DJ Kennington - Good News for CCS

DJ Kennington will not be making an appearance at CCS next week. DJ has been offered a Nationwide Series car for the next race at Montreal on August 20th. He has to go down to Montreal early to get his car fitted for him and that just happens to be on Wednesday.

Local Nascar Canadian Tire Series driver Dave Connelly has agreed to come down and bring one of his cars down to have on display. Dave Connelly had a great finish last week and won the Coca-Cola Move of the Race Award.

August 7th, 2011 – The Schneiders/Metro Nascar Team competed at the Grand Prix du Trois-Rivieres last weekend for their 4th start in the 2011 Nascar Canadian Tire Series. Charging from the back over top of a rain soaked track driver Dave Connelly passed 19 cars to score the teams first Top 10 of the year and winning the Coca-Cola Move of the Race Award - the race was aired on both TSN and RDS networks.

The team arrived at one of the most popular races of the series in the small town of Trois-Rivieres – during practice the team was 20th quick and swapped a gear for qualifying hoping to find some speed on the tight 10 turn road course. Unfortunately the gear swap didn’t help and they qualified 28th spot of the 33 cars in the field. The team opted to switch to another gear and start scratch on the field for the race on Sunday – with a threat of rain all the teams set the cars up to race in the rain including installing windshield wipers and windshield blowers on the cars.

One hour before the scheduled start of the race the skies opened up and drenched the track – it would definitely be a wet race. 

As the field came to the green Dave dropped to the tail of the field as per the rulebook and Dave took the green charging hard passing 5 cars on the first two laps, by lap 9 Dave had moved from the rear of the field and was running in the 18th spot.

“It was insane” laughed Dave. “My wiper stopped working on lap 2, but the fogging of the windshields was the issue – you need hot dry air to clear the moisture and it’s impossible to do in a racecar in the rain, I had a spot straight in front of me the size of a grapefruit that I could see out the front so I was looking out the side windows for reference points to turn left and right.”

Dave continued to charge hard with an epic battle with the #60 MOPAR Dodge of Ron Beauchamp Jr. for 10th spot towards the end of the race. Dave slipped by Ron with 5 laps to go and scored the teams first top 10 of the year.

“It feels fantastic – it was a crazy race – you could barely see anything, all the right handers I was completely blind – but the car was working really well all things considered” stated Dave. “We beat some really great drivers and teams today, it feels like we are gaining some momentum now and learning these cars”.

The teams next event is in two weeks at the Napa 100 in Montreal on Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. This event will be covered live on TSN and RDS stations.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Enduro results for July 13 now posted



                                                                                                                              SCORE SHEET

          CAR #         NAME                             LAPS DOWN         CYL    PAYOUT     

1.       1                  ROBERT BROOM                      0                 8        1ST                         YES

2.       13                TODD MUSKER                        0                 8        2ND                        YES

3.       6                 TERRY MCCLELLAND               1                  8        3RD                        YES

4.       2010            CAROL GAUTHIER                   2                 8                                    YES

5.       40               KENT NUNN                            2                 8                                    YES

6.       76               EARL WYLIE                            2                 8                                    YES

7.       48               JOHN CHARTRAND                 4                 8                                    YES

8.       23.5            TEDDY BISENTHAL                 4                 8                                    YES

9.       68.5            GILLES MELANSON                5                 8                                    YES

10.     253             MIKE DAVEY                            6                 8                                    YES

11.      8                 SHAWN FRASER                     7                 8                                    YES

12.     42               ANDREW REID                        12                8                                    YES

13.     130              MARIO JEAN LOUIS              20               8                                    YES

14.     35               LEE O’NEIL                              26               4        1ST                         YES

15.     001              ERIC JEAN LOUIS                  36               8                                    YES

16.     3                 NICK DE LORENZI                  44               8                                    YES

17.     73               SHAWN TROFINCZUK            50               4        2ND                        YES

18.     06               BRIAN SEHL                            55               4        3 RD                        YES

19.     71                JAMIE O’TOOLE                     60               4                                    YES

20.     8M              DAVE ROSE                             66               8                                    YES

21.     00               DANIEL CLAUDE                                                                               NO

22.     7                 DALE BROWN                                             8                                    NO

23.     13X             DAVE QUINTON                                                                               NO

24.     15                JEREMY SEVERIN                                       4                                    NO

25.     22               IAN ROBERTSON                                                                              NO

26.     49               LEE BARNES                                                                                      NO

27.     95               ROBERT HILL                                                                                    NO

28.     115              CURTIS BERGERON                                                                           NO

Saturday, August 6, 2011

NASCAR Canadian Tire Series Drivers to be at CCS August 17th

Sometimes something special comes along and you can't believe your good fortune. This certainly is one of those things that was made possible by one of our Thunder Car drivers - Mike Hennink.
August 17th will see DJ Kennington coming to CCS along with his car being on display.

August 17th will also see JR Fitzpatrick coming to CCS as well.

Now this is where it gets interesting. Both Mike Hennink and Dave Stinson have agreed to give up their cars for the night and we will see both, DJ and JR in a Thunder Car for the night. DJ Kennington will be bringing out his car at intermission and turning some laps for your viewing pleasure as well.

I hope to speak with Dave Connelly, our local Canadian Tire Series driver, and see if we can get him involved as well.

All of this on top of our regular show, and don't forget the Uniglass Ziebart Car Show will have all of their cars on display for us as well. August 17th will be one of those nights you just don't want to miss. I will keep you updated on any news from Dave Connelly.

Special thanks go out to Mike Hennink for making this happen, and for giving up his car for the night. Special thanks to Dave Stinson for giving up his car for the night as well.

See you at the races.

Enduro Registration

Please email your registration for the upcoming enduro. We need name, number, division 4 or 8 and major sponsor.

Pre Register $ 40.00
Gate registration $ 50.00

Email them to

Dymon Night Winners

Four For Fun:

Heat 1 was won by Brooke Cordick
Heat 2 was won by Malcolm MacDonald
The feature was won by Jason Moss

Mini Stock:

Heat 1 was won by Derek Lamoureux
Heat 2 was won by Nolan Gould
The feature was won by Kyle Baker


Heat 1 was won by Ken Sproule
Heat 2 was won by Bruce Baldock
The feature was one by Greg Ogilvie


Heat 1 was won by Chad Windsor
Heat 2 was won by Chad Windsor
The feature was won by Chad Windsor

Late Model:

Heat 1 was won by Justin Holtom
Heat 2 was won by Ken Baird
The feature was won by Ken Baird

Dymon Self Storage and CHEO Night a big success

I would like to thank all of our fans, sponsors, drivers and staff for coming out on Wednesday Night and for their generosity in making our first fundraiser for CHEO a big success. Through our various fundraising efforts we were able to raise $ 3483.00.00 for CHEO. There were a number of individuals who played a vital role in making this happpen and are as follows:

Our largest donation came from Steve Munro who donated his second place prize money of
$ 575.00. Jason the owner of Jason's Landscaping made a contribution in the amount of $ 500.00. The wheelchair race raised $ 500.00 and thanks go to all of our teams. Team Cordick, Team Autovation, Team Thibideau, Team Gow and Team Dymon. Todd Fletcher from Valley Automation and Todd Musker from 53 Colours donated the # 13 Thunder Car prize money in the amount of $ 150.00. Wayne Young from Young's Speed Shop donated $100.00.  Our fans who contributed to the "Toonies for the Tots" raised $ 540.00    and from our drivers who went up into the stands at intermission raised another
$ 613.00 from our generous race fans. Capital City Speedway donated $ 1.00 from every front gate ticket sold and raised another $ 350.00 Our auction for a ride in the Tesla raised $ 55.00. Our 50/50 winner donated $ 100.00 from his prize money and I apologize to him for not having his name.

Thanks again to all who helped us raise $ 3483.00 for CHEO.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

First Timers love Capital City Speedway

It is very nice to hear stories about new fans coming to the track each and every week. In order for the track to thrive, we need more people like Jeremy and his family to enjoy what CCS has to offer. I would like to thank all of  our staff, car owners and drivers who come out each and every week to put on a show that our fans and new fans can enjoy.

A special thank you goes out to all of our fans, new and old, who continue to make CCS the place to be on a Wednesday Night.

One new fan writes;


I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much fun I had with my 6 year old son at the races tonight. The format is ideal for kids with the races being short and new cars each time, it really holds their attention. I have driven by the track for 10 years and sadly it is the first time I checked it out, wish I had done it sooner. The admission is reasonable considering most kids don't make it past intermission but have had a solid hour and a half of entertainment. I will spread the word to the rest of the families in the neighbourhood and will be back soon.

Jeremy Weese
Carleton Place

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dymon Self Storage Night and CHEO Fundraiser Tomorrow Night

Capital City Speedway is happy to announce that CCS will donate $ 1.00 from every front gate ticket sold to CHEO. We are asking all race fans to bring " A Toonie for the Tots " in an effort to raise money for this great cause. CCS is going to have a wheelchair race at intermission which is raising funds by teams leasing the chairs for $ 100.00. Team Gow, Team Cordick, Team Autovation and Team Thibideau will be racing it out for the chance to win the first Annual CHEO Race.

Dymon Self Storage will be bringing down their Tesla Sports Car and we will be having a draw to win rides in the car on the track. Tesla makes the worlds fastest electric car and it will be on display for you to see.

The weatherman has changed his mind and we expect to have a great night weather wise. We also have confirmation that we will see 2 Late Models making the trip down from Montreal.

It will be another fun night at CCS and we hope to see you there.