Saturday, June 8, 2013

Capital City Speedway to Host an Autism Awareness Night Wednesday, July 24th

Capital City Speedway is pleased to announce that Wednesday July 24th will be our Autism Awareness Night. We have partnered up the the Canadian National Autism Foundation to bring awareness to our fans and drivers for them. A number of race tracks in Ontario have become partners with this organization and have offered to put on  " Kids Race ". This year Capital City Speedway has signed on for " Kids Race " and are proud to be a part of this, and do what we can for autism
research and awareness.

“KIDS RACE” was started in 2010 as an idea to create a new platform for autism research and awareness. It wasn’t too long after speaking and working alongside track owners, officials, drivers, crews and fans, that a common bond was formed. We realized that passion, dedication, family and the love for what we do, was something we all shared. “KIDS RACE” will only take place once this year, but autism doesn't stop.

" “KIDS RACE” is all about having family fun for a great cause" said the President of the CNAF, Tina Fougere. "It is all about family for me and accepting our loved ones with autism".We couldn't ask for a better place in the our Nations Capital to host our family event than with the wonderful people at Capital City Speedway who have opened their doors, but most importantly their hearts, to our cause.

Join us Wednesday July 24th for Autism Awareness Night at Capital City Speedway.

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