Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fall Fest - Saturday September 27th.

Join us Saturday September 27th for our last event of the season - Fall Fest. This will be a 200 Lap Enduro Race with a 25 Lap Chain Race to follow. Start Time will be 1:00 pm with pit gates opening at 11:30. Front Gates open at 12:30

Front Gate and back gate admission will be $ 10.00. $ 50.00 for Enduro competitors. $ 20.00 to enter the Chain Race per team.

There will be an intermission after the first 100 laps. Cars which do want to refuel and conduct repairs or change tires can do so. You will be required to mark your stop point on the track, a pylon, shoe, shirt, rag etc. and move your car back to that spot prior to the re start of the race.

This is a 200 lap race so aggressive driving will not be tolerated.

The Chain Race will follow the enduro. You will be required to have a chain ( thickness of that chain is your choice ) between the two cars with a minimum and maximum length of 6 feet between the two bumpers. Give or take a inch. Mounting points on the cars will be left up to you, but they must be in the centre of the car. ( ie Back license plate to front license plate area ). This will be a 25 lap race. If your chain breaks away from either car you will be disqualified and you need to leave the track. This is not a opportunity to break someone else's chain. This is not a rolling demo derby, it is a two car race.

Both cars need to be operational at all times. If lead car breaks down you are done. In the perfect race the back car will follow the lead car perhaps a few feet behind. The back car may push the front, but be wary if you run over your own chain you may have some problems. This is all for fun so please drive accordingly. The turtle may beat the rabbit in this race.

Please join us for our final event.

I hope to see you at the races.

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