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Save the Best for Last: An Exciting End to the Regular Wednesday Night Season at CCS

Stittsville, ON – Wednesday, August 27, 2014 – Kirk Mulligan – Finally, after the past two weeks being postponed due to rain, Mother Nature cooperated and Wednesday night racing at Capital City Speedway (CCS) could continue.  The night was sponsored by Strongco and Ontario Rental Service (ORS).  The night consisted of racing from the regular classes of Late Model, Legends, Thunder, Mini Stock, 4 for Fun (4FF) and two special features.  The special feature events were a final visit from the Dinardo’s Karts class as well as a 100 lap enduro.  Added excitement for the fans before the races was found out in the parking lot.  Wicked Garage Car Show Series was having a show and shine.  Fans were fascinated with the custom details of the many antique cars.  In other news, a couple of new drivers made appearances for this week’s event.  Former CCS late model regular, Ken Baird (car #2), was back after a horrific crash about a month ago.  Also in attendance was Thunder Stock regular, Mike Hennick (car #71).  Fans also witnessed the new ride of another Thunder Stock regular, the new black machine of Casey Cavanagh (car #49).  I would like to finally thank all of our drivers for an exciting and magnificent end to the racing season!

Before we move on to the racing, I want to take this opportunity to thank those whom supported the track and donated prizes for the fans.  Firstly, I want to thank Paul Lalonde for donating 4 karting passes for the Le Circuit Quyon.  The 4 passes were raffled off throughout the evening.  CCS would also like to thank Hunter McCaig of Rideau Auctions for donating another kid’s bike to be raffled off at intermission.  Congratulations to Owen McDougall for winning the bike!  Lastly, a special thanks again this week goes out to the director of, Scott McIssac, for setting up a grand prize raffle scheme and donating 2 grand prize tickets to the 2015 Nascar race at Pocono International Raceway.  On this night, Scott drew 5 raffle finalist tickets.  Congratulations to newest set of finalists: Chris Brunje, Steph Morrow, Nicole DeRidder, Kyle Speck and Geoff Simpson.  Scott informed me that there will be another 4 finalist draws before the grand prize draw.  The finalist draws will be during CCS’s Summer Slam event at 3:30pm, 4pm, 4:30pm and 5pm.  The grand prize draw for the Nascar Pocono tickets will then be at 6pm.  Finally, in the words of Scott McIssac: “So come early to CCS Summer Slam and don’t miss out!”

This weeks racing event began with a make-up Enstone Construction 15 lap Legend feature.  The race consisted of the same 10 cars as two weeks ago.  Matt Haufe (car #7) and Bob Broad (car #18) made up the front row.  After the green flag dropped, Haufe put the pedal to the metal and took the early lead.  However, by lap 3, points leader Kevin Foisy (car #57) had squeezed by the inside of Haufe in turn 3.  Foisy took the lead and left Haufe to battle it out for second position with the hard charging Brian Saunders (car #15).  Saunders worked hard and eventually passed Haufe in lap 7 on the inside of turn 3.  Saunders would continue his charge towards the front.  Unfortunately, Saunders ran out of laps and could not catch his teammate Foisy.  Foisy went on to win for his 6th feature win of the season.

After 2 sets of accident free heat races, it was time for the SFL Metal Works 10 lap 4FF feature race.  Peter Love (car #2) and Joann Blais (car #81) made up the pole positions.  Love started in the pole position during last weeks feature as well.  This time Love was looking for a different fate.  After the green flag dropped, Love took the lead.  Behind Love, Andrew Thompson (car #5) and Sara Sproule (car #99) battled for second spot.  Sproule worked the inside corned of turn 2 in lap 6 to pass Thompson.  Sproule was racing hard to catch the leader, Love.  Love maintained his lead by holding off two late race challenges from Sproule.  As a result, Love was successful and went on to win the feature!

The Autovation Thunder Stock 15 lap feature race was up next.  Keith Riddell (car #59) and Chris Lloyd (car #41) were the font runners in this race.  Riddell took the lead in the early going and was looking really strong for most of the race.  However, Jessica Pasinetti (car #56) and Neil Leblond (car #88) were on the prowl.  By lap 6, the two experienced drivers, Pasinetti and Leblond, had moved into second and third spots.  Pasinetti and Leblond were battling hard behind Riddell.  In fact, Pasinetti and Leblond were driving side by side for laps 8 through 10.  All of sudden, on the outside of turns 3 and 4 in lap 11, Leblond had made his car stick as he passed by both Pasinetti and Riddell.  Leblond was living the dream again as he went on the win the feature event.

The Drummond’s Gas 25 lap Late Model feature was the next exciting feature.  This race got off to an unfortunate start. In fact, there was so much carnage that the race had to be cut down to a 15 lap feature due to time constraints.  The race began with the Sparks Street Racing team heading up the front row.  Both Paul Dejong (car #88) and Gilles Seguin (car #86) were in the pole positions.  After the race began, I am not sure what happened but the cars got bunched up in turn 2 of the first lap.  Both Steve Munro (car #00) and Chris Ferguson (car #08) had to exit the race because of this collision.  Both cars eventually returned.  On the restart, the race experienced another slow down.  This time Tim Kirby (car #10) had spun in turn 1.  The field of cars were reset and race was started again.  However, before we could finish a lap in this race, Sean “Bulldog” Kennedy barreled his way into turn 3.  Coming out of turn 4, Kennedy got tripped up and spun out on the front stretch infield.  Kennedy began to slide and just missed sliding into the center of a deep puddle of water found in the infield.  Kennedy managed to get the car restarted and drove out of the wet infield back onto the track.  Unfortunately, Kennedy was now dragging what looked to be the exhaust on the ground.  Sparks were flying!  The fourth restart saw another collision between Ferguson and Seguin.  Finally, after a fifth restart, the race completed a lap.  Points leader Justin Holtom (car #17) took the early lead.  Holtom was followed by Kirby and Ken Baird (car #2).  Kirby and Baird battled for second spot during lap 5, 6 and 7.  During lap 8, Baird finally managed to pass Kirby.  But, the question that remained was whether Baird had enough laps and speed to catch Holtom.  Baird was quick on this night as he in fact caught up to Holtom.  With two laps to go Baird was right behind the leader.  Baird then decided to pull the old bump and run move.  Coming through turns 3 and 4 of lap 13, Baird lightly tapped Holtom’s rear bumper.  Baird’s tap was just enough to allow Holtom to get slightly loose.  Holtom veered slightly to the outside as he tried to regain total control of his machine.  That slight bit of space allowed Baird to stick the nose of his car down to the inside of the corner.  Baird pulled the front of his car right up beside Holtom’s door as they exited turn 4.  This reminds me of one of my favourite lines from one of the best racing movies of all time where the character Harry Hogg exclaimed: “Rubbing son is racing!”  Baird now had the inside advantage and went on to pass Holtom in the final lap.  Baird took home the victory for his first feature win of the year.

After all the excitement from the Late Model feature, it was time for the Stittsville Trailers 15 lap Mini Stock feature race to take center stage.  Mark Morrow (car #16) and Derek Demont (car #7) paced the field.  Morrow took the lead in the early going.  The lead was short lived, as in lap 3, Cory Wilson (car #33) took over the lead, but even Wilson’s lead was short lived as well.  The man on the move was Nolan Gould (car #28).  Gould had raced his way from seventh to first by lap 5.  Gould was running on all cylinders as he easily cruised to victory.

The Dinardo’s Kart Series was up next on the card with a 10 lap feature event.  The feature race included a total of 14 karts.  Unfortunately, due to the large amount of karts and the difficulty of reading the small illegible numbers on the karts, I don’t have a lot of information to report.  However, with that said, I can tell you that I think the winner of this feature event was Carter Fisher (kart #833).

The next race was the second Enstone Construction 15 lap Legends feature.  Brad Haufe (car #7) and Brian Saunders (car #15) made up the front row.  Saunders was eager to win after finishing second earlier in the evening.  Saunders took the lead after the green flag dropped.  Steve Yendall (car #1) and points leader Kevin Foisy (car #57) followed.  Foisy was making up ground as he moved into second spot in lap 4.  Foisy was all over Saunders rear bumper by the final lap.  Saunders managed to hold off all challenges from Foisy.  Saunders then went on to win the feature.

Finally, the night was ended with a 100 lap Enduro.  There were a total of 27 entries in the race.  After all 100 laps were in the books, the race winners were Scott Cuthbertson (car #2) and Jessie Duguay (car #217) in the 8 and 4 cylinder classes, respectively.   

Up next, Saturday, September 12, 2014, is CCS Summer Slam.  The race day will feature Twin 25’s Late Model races, a Legend National Qualifier race, Mini Stock, Thunder and 4-For-Fun divisions.  Also in town are special feature races for the Sportsman and Vintage Modifieds, an appearance from the Quebec Vintage Stock Car Series, a 100 lap enduro as well as a Demolition Derby.  The races will start at 3:00 pm sharp!  Regular general admission is $30 for adults, $25 for seniors, $15 for teens (13-16) and as always children 12 & under are free.

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